Thanksgiving Contest....Make it big and good If there are 15 entries


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I'm so sorry I thought the judging was done on Sunday.. Gee Whiz Tent Im really sorry! I feel really bad about this I think I should just be on sidelines from now on....
BP I'm sorry for messing this contest up...

Big Poppa

Hog smoker...dont sit on the sidelines....Cliff sorry.

But here is the rub....this contest is for fun. It needs to stay that way. I am so happy that new cooks are entering because the contest wont last too much longer with the same people collecting script.

We will make sure new judges know the rules and for the cooks post early and you wont ever have a problem.

Everybody ok with this?


I think I should just be on sidelines from now on....

No way, It was an honest mistake. You have way too much great stuff to enter and the more who enter the more we are challenged and stretched, which it is why I enjoy this contest so much!

Believe me it didn't keep me from posting the cook in the Gallery section. ;) It's all good!


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Sorry BP, wasn't thinking contest on Thursday and didn't photograph the whole dinner, it was a feast!

I didn't think contest either. So, I didn't take any pics while doing the cook or while carving. Oh well. I do have some pics of finished product. I did a spatchcocked bird, rubbed bird on the MAK. De Bebe did an Alton Brown brined and oven-roasted bird. Both birds decimated. I did a big ole prime rib on the MAK too.


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I'm totally okay with restarting the judging with all of Sunday's entries.

i don't think so. it is what it is. lets not forget that it is the holidays ppl. its no big deal. i don't know about you but i like cooking on the weekends. BP is nice enough to give us coupons for taking pictures of our cooks. don't worry, be happy. :)

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Congrats to the winners!! The food looked excellent as usual.

No worries on and plan for next week!

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