The last one got into my trash, smokey the bandit!


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Raccoon to be smoked on Saturday.

Again, will post the recipe tomorrow



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Poppa, maybe I should invite TK?

Out in the woods where I live now the have neighbors told me that they do things a bit differently from what I'm used to doing in the city. I've got two pork shoulders, 16lbs of chicken wings, meatballs out the wazoo (not grand wazoo), and I'm guessing that my family clears out the early (normal) feast at 3pm my friends will be busy trying to empty the kegs in the MillerVan and will finally be primed for some punishment right around 7:30-8pm when the great cat and raccoon hit the pit. HEAVEN HELP THEM FOR FREELOADING! muahahaha


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Did a coon at Qfest a few years ago. Very greasy. Like a bad stringy roast beef. You could live off it if you had to, but I wouldn't cook it for Sunday dinner.

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Big Poppa

Guys Pete is a very good dealer for me and a regular on my music forum Ernie Ball Forums he is referencing some very humorous people there...His family makes legendary Italian food but I keep standing them up on theri invites...Happy Birthday Pete!


Ahhh Brunswick Stew I love it. A North Carolina standard. When I lived in NC many people told me coon was often used in Brunswick Stew, but all the Brunswick Stew I've ever eaten had chicken... as far as I know....


I've eaten coon a couple of different ways, and neither of them were anything that I would ask for again.
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