The Maverick ET-732 is here!

So Cal Smoker

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Ordered mine on the 19th and received it on the 21st. Boy what an improvement the 732 is over the 73. Lovin it. Thanks Jessle & crew.

Corn n 'Q

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Excellent, just placed my order as well. Thanks for the notice Jessie. Tossed in a couple frog mats and some Blues Hog since I was placing an order, love it.


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isn't the new 732 suppose to go up to 712º? mine hits 500º and goes HHH. both of them. that's not right is it?


Now I know why everyone talks so much about the Mavericks. I have some but they never had the range others got. Did get the new high heat probes which works great. The new ET-732 has range I always hoped my other Mavericks had. Have not used two at the same time yet .
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