This weeks Challenge..Scooter is the judge...

Big Poppa

OK here is the deal. It's veterans day....I am going to make a proposal to you smoking geniuses....THis week we have three days to create stuff.....IF we get 12 entries I will bump the Gift Certificate to $25 bucks for first and give a $10 dollar for second...If less than twelve I will call all of you out for lack of smoking or courage to post and just give 10 bucks...

Dont be afraid to post something even if you dont think that it is worthy So far some very basic stuff has won and some really tricky stuff has won.....Remember scooter likes clean smokers and is a CBJ

Go get em!

Please post your entries in this thread.


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I'm ready - I vacuumed, scraped and washed after I replaced the hot rod yesterday ;) I'm back up and running


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Aw come on Scooter. My camera and plating suck - but my drip pan was nicely foiled. That has to count for something! ;)


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I'll go first.....

The plate


The ham...... American Brown Sugar Ham from Charcuterie

started out as a fresh ham last weekend


boned then brined for 5 days


ends up like this:


The mac & cheese was baked on the Traeger but no pics. Whole wheat rotini, sauce was basic white sauce with lots of cheddar, bread crumb topping

Steamed broccoli & carrots with Penzey's Shallot Pepper & a little garlic olive oil


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Brisket with Top Secret rub

Ok I'll go first. make that second.
This a rub I'm working on.
I put two briskets in the MAK on Smoke for 2 hours, then about 12 more hours on 235F
I used CP 100% Hickory to start and finished with CP Perfect Mix.
Final IT was 190F



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Hey BP, are there any rules regarding use of non pellet cookers in the contest or any cooker is fine?

If you prefer I can withdraw my entry since I didn't cook it on a pellet smoker and post this in the gallery thread. I won't be offended; this is after all.

Edit: Please consider my entry withdrawn. If I broke the rules or spirit of the challenge, I apologize to everyone. I will move the posts to the gallery section. I'm just happy to be part of this great forum :eek:!
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Beef Tenderloin

Beef Tenderloin on the MAK at 350º until a internal or 135º. Let rest for 30 minutes. TentHunter maybe you used pellets for addtional smoke flavor? Were glad your part of this forum. Most of us have or had a Weber. I still have a kettle and a WSM.

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Big Poppa

Its funny I answered this semi jokingly on his gallery post...but you have to be burning pellets can be in the coals or on grill grates but pellets are pretty essential here.

The community is the most important thing....we just have to have some pellets involved. Tent dont woory you r arent breaking any rules there are two play nice and no spam...But in the contests I think that we are trying to spread the word on pellets and pellet smoking...I also know where you get get a nice MAK or Memphis! Santa? Oh Santa?


...but you have to be burning pellets can be in the coals or on grill grates but pellets are pretty essential here.

Perfectly understandable and agreed! From now on I will be sure to get a pic with the pellet pouch or bag of BBQr's delight pellets and mention it.

I've been looking hard at the Memphis Select Pack on the BPS site. I think its the right size for 90% of my cooks. For Santa to bring it, I have to behave... tried it once, didn't care for it!


who knew - that ham bone is an entire discussion on facebook right now, I have a friend that thinks it should go to my dog!

Everyone knows that the ham hock goes into a big pot of soup beans (white beans to you yankee types)!


Jim, beautiful looking tenderloin! Also, thanks for the kind words; its the kindness of everyone here and the positive atmosphere that makes it a pleasure to be a part of this forum!

Great pics and entries once again this week. I love the home cured ham deb. FLbentRider, that closeup shot makes my mouth open out of reflex!
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