This weeks Contest Come on Rookies! 11-11-11


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Deb—and everyone else, too—thanks!

Based on previous contests and seeing the great things other people offered up prior my own post, I am honored to have won this week's contest, particularly since I was going up against wonderfully prepared and pictured food like Susan's quinoa meat loaf (gonna have to try that one with the quinoa that's currently in the cupboard now) and bflodan's Tomahawk rib eyes (my wife's favorite cut-o-beef). For that matter, all entries were tip-top-notch.

I look forward to sharing more of my MAK smoking/grilling/baking growing hobby-obsession with this great community of like-minded people.


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HEY hey SmokinSooner congrats you beat a tuff crowd ! These folks always have great entries I always look forward looking at them each week.
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