This weeks contest is Chili Head...bring it on and extra points for peppers!


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Pizza Cont....

Kept these pretty simple...Didnt want to overload on the first cook...




Couldnt believe how hot this thing got!! First pie took about 4min second pie was about 6-7 min..Had to rotate during the cook to try to even them out..




The Chicagos are also ready after about 40 or so min..





Both of these styles came out amazing!!! Not bad for the first for both...The Weber will take a little practice because of the heat...You really need to watch it the whole time...Cant wait to try it again..

smoker pete

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Creole Butter Injected Smoked Chicken

For my 1st injected Chicken I Injected about 4 oz of Tony Chacher's Creole Style Butter Marinade in the Chicken Breasts, Thighs, Legs, and wings at multiple points. Also rubbed Annie's Roasted Garlic EVOO and Fagundes Seasoning under/on the skin. Wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and into the fridge overnight.


Removed the Creole Butter Injected Chicken from the fridge to allow it to warm up while preheating the MAK 2 Star with Gourmet BBQ Apple Pellets. SETPOINT to Smoke and put the Chicken in for 2 hours. The temperature of the Smoke setting on the MAK 2 Star is ~180ºF.


After 2 hours of smoke I bumped the temperature to 350ºF until the Chicken Breasts reached an IT of 170ºF. Took a total of 3 hours and 15 minutes to go from an IT of 42ºF to 170ºF. When doing a whole chicken I prefer to use a Chicken Roaster to catch all the drippings and fat. Makes clean up simple and if I had a mind to I could use it to make a scrumptious gravy but my Cardiologist would not be amused!!


Rested the chicken under a foil tent for 20 minutes while making some Faux Rice in the microwave. It's hard to beat a chilled ripe Cantaloupe melon this time of year. Some Faux Rice and a dissected Injected Chicken.


The money $shot ... A Creole Style Butter Injected Apple Smoked Chicken Breast, a portion of Faux Rice, and some delicious Cantaloupe melon ... Bon Appétit


The Tony Chachere's Creole Butter Injected Chicken was simply divine!! I was impressed to see the flavor infused down to the bone. The EVOO and Seasoning on the Chicken surface was beautifully complemented with the injected Creole Butter. This is my first of many Injection Recipes.


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yesterday morning started the day by baking some cornbread


early this morning I threw two pork butts in. pic right before foiling

after the butts went into ftc I started on dessert. We have an orchard nearby and I bought some peaches and macintosh apples, on the way home I decided to do an apple and peach/blueberry crisp



dinner -- pulled pork, coleslaw, baked beans and cornbread

apple crisp, blueberry/peach crisp with vanilla bean gelato


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Day 4 without power.. freezer clean out....

During Irene we had a huge tree fall on our driveway that trapped us in and cut our power. On the 3rd day we got a small generator from my dad that could at least run the refrigerators and some lights... and the MAK :cool: (had to unplug a fridge for a couple hours since the neighbors were also losing everything in their freezer...
This is not the most luxury meal I have cooked, but under the circumstances we made some people happy and showed how versatile a pellet grill is.
I had a Tri-tip that was like gold to get on the East coast 1/2 thawed (it was also the first one i have ever cooked...)
I kept the seasoning light garlic EVOO and LL steak seasoning and some chipolte flakes, on the grill to do the reverse sear

... then the neighbors show up with: store bought hot wings, chicken nuggets, french fries, 2 lbs of bacon, venison hot Italian sausage and a piece of white fish. hmmmm


It all fits... hahaha

Hooked up to the generator (wife really rolled her eyes)

When the Tri tip hits 100 I pulled it off and bumped the temp up to 400 for the sear. shuffled all the food in the MAK to get to the sear plate.

Everything came out ok and we were all happy to have a decent meal/ Tri tip was good but I thought the venison sausage came out killer.. really juicy:


Day 5.. tree is being cut up!:

I love this grill considering all the neighbors had gas grills and still came over to have me cook on the MAK.


Laborday Feast - Ribs, Venison Ribs, Pulled Pork & Spatchcock Chickens

We had 23 people here this afternoon/evening for a labor day feast. We cooked a ton of food all afternoon and had a great time with great friends.

It was so busy we kept forgetting to stop & take pics. Here's a handful that we did get.

A 9+ lb. pork shoulder going on with some Apple & Hickory pellets for Easter Carolina style Pulled Pork.

Two Big & thick racks of Spareribs on the Stoven. The bigger rack was one of the biggest thickest racks of spareribs I'd ever seen. Even after trimming, it was 20" long and almost didn't fit on the grill.

This was a first for me. My friend Jeff brought me 4 gorgeous racks of Venison Ribs. I trimmed off all fat (deer fat can get really strong tasting). I washed them with vinegar, hit them with some homemade beef rub, chili powder & used a packet of Black Walnut pellets to give them a bold smoked flavor. I finished them with some homemade BBQ sauce. They were absolutely delicious. There were none left.

Here's the Peach Spareribs & rib tips finished and trimmed up ready to serve.

Here's the smoked goody spread: 2 Apple Smoked Spatchcock chickens (I didn't even get any pics of them cooking), Peach Spareribs, Venison Ribs & the Carolina Pulled pork.

We also had Roasted Potatoes, Sweet Corn, Macaroni Salad, Broccoli Salad, Fresh Salsa & Chips, Cole Slaw & my wife's birthday Cake for desert. Now I'm stuffed and going to bed!

Thanks for looking!


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Labor day and we have full power!

Family was coming over and coworkers wanted some bbq this week.. pulled pork time!
I got 3 bone in butts about 9lbs each. I found a Littly recipe that I played with for the run and an injection. It is the first time i injected butts and I will definitely do this every time going forward. I used Agave as the glue for the rub and the injection was done only 45mins prior to putting them on.
Ready to go onto the MAK at 10pm:

I mixed the leftover injection liquid and the rub that collected on the sheet pans into a metal pan and put it under the biggest butt to collect the juices. 4 hours smoke then 225 until finished with no foil!
6am shot they are all in the 160ish stall. More coffee needed..

Rest of the menu was baked beans, garlic shirmp, chicken legs and pasta salad.
I had some frozen ground turkey in a log shape... threw it into the metal pan with all the PP juice to let it get some flavor before being added to the baked beans.
Pork all got finished around 14:00 (first one was 12:30 then 13:00) pulled all at about 195
Qualtiy control bite:

Beans going in, added the turkey bbq sauce, bacon, onion and some other stuff:

cooks treat:

Beans done after 4 hours or so:

Marinated the shrimp: apple cider vin, garlic evoo, LL w/p for a couple hours and cooked them about 10 mins (big hit!)
Chicken legs: pulled back skin and seasoned with garlic dude duct and webers kickin chicken, skin back down and some garlic evoo in a bag for a few hours. Used the standing leg rack.
Chicken nuggets for the toddlers :)

Pork ready to pull:

Family was vultures so there was no pics taken of just the food... sorry.
Pulled pork came out awesome and I strained the cooked down juices that were in the metal pan to mix into the meat. This was hands down the best PP I have made yet. I look forward to feeding the office with it tomorrow. Everyone liked the shrimp and the beans as well.. those were wild cards for me since they were both first attempts.. all and all really happy!

Happy Labor day to you all!


Octoberfest Brined Rotisserie Chicken

One of the big things I missed from my gasser days was a rotisserie and this brined chicken recipe is one that everyone still requests. I finally got a rotisserie for the Hasty Bake so I thought I would give the old recipe a try.

Started out making a brine of water, salt, and pickling spices. Bring to a boil and let cool. Drop a whole chicken in the cool brine and let it soak for 8-12 hours.


After the brine, rinse the bird, pat dry and onto the spit


Onto the Hasty Bake burning on lump, placed the bird over the coals and lowered the fire down.


Tossed some maple pellets in to get a nice light smoke


After an hour or so of getting dizzy bird looks nice


Let the bird rest


While the birds resting fire the grill up and toss some veggies coated with Annies and Desert Gold on


Looking good


Dinner is served


This came out awesome, the Hasty Bake blew away the gasser rotisserie. Being able to lower the fire is one of the best features of the HB and this did not dissapoint. I love my spatchcock chicken but this is pretty darn good too. I don't usually brine but this recipe delivers phenomenal flavor and no matter what cooking method you used it would come out great. Can't wait to spin more meat!


Roast Duck, Wild Rice & Kabocha squash

I've had the duck on my list of to do's and this was finally the weekend. I started by prepping a brine for the bird using water, cider vinegar, orange juice, smoked salt, sliced oranges, cinnamon sticks, and pink peppercorns. I let the duck chill in the brine for 24 hours before hitting the grill.


I let it go the first 1.5 hours on smoke mode to allow the fat to start to loosen up.


I then bumped it the temp to 350. Meanwhile, I prepped a kobacha squash with some balsamic glaze and a spray of oil from the Misto. After the squash went for a while I hit them with a mix of Portuguese salt cream, cinnamon, and cumin. The squash finished after 1 hr 15 min and about 20 minutes later the Pellet Boss probe read 160 on the breast. Check.


Back in the house I prepped some wild rice and added some savory to lighten it up. I blanched some garden fresh green beans and recovered some of the rendered duck fat to finish off the beans in a saute pan along with salt and fresh cracked pepper. I prepared a rather traditional orange glace sauce consisting of marmalade, honey, Grand Marnier, but kicked it up with fresh grated ginger. Dang that sauce was delicious.


For my very first roast duck, I was very pleased. I was happy to see the kids finish their plates. Let them tell that to their friends in school this week!


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383 have you tried Costco.. also call Ray's prime meats in trenton if he is still there..


Chili Head

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Labor day weekend contest results!!

Great job everyone!

There's no losers in this contest, it all looked fantastic! But there has to be a top three so here we go. I made my decisions based on what I would want and how they were presented. Descriptions of ingredents and tastes, pictures, plus finish plated pictures. I was looking for the total package.

First place goes to Rip
Ribs and stuff

Ribs with EVOO, Plowboys, cayenne/habanero powder?? Now you're singing my song Rip! The ribs look so good! The pulled pork rolls looked interesting too! Those I wanted to taste. The mini pies look fantastic as well. The pulled pork pies... I stared at that picture wondering how it tasted. I wanted some!
Now for the desert..The picture looked fantastic! Its hard to beat cherry pie and ice cream! A great finish to an awesome meal. Well done!

Second place goes to bflodan


bflodan I liked how you showed all the ingredients at the start and during each step of the process.Your pizzas looked perfect! That deep dish in the iron skillet won me over. I'll be doing that myself next time I make pizza. That last picture was money! I could imagine the aromas and wanted to hammer that pie!

Third place goes to roburado
Sunday Brunch


Great use of the griddle roburado and nice picture presentation! Breakfast is good any time of day in my opinion and yours looked really tasty! Breakfast is my favorite meal and I can see myself sitting down with a big ole plate of that and enjoying it with a cold PBR!
Great job!

To everyone else..awesome cooks! Everything looked fantastic and you all deserve to win top honors! Congrats to the top three!! Well done!


The streak continues, another week of amazing cooking on display! Congrats to Rip, Dan and Rob and thanks to our generous host!


Congrats to Rip, Dan & Rob. All three were mouth watering entries.

Thanks to Chili Head for a fine job judging and to Big Poppa for hosting! :)


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thanks BP for letting us play here. congrats to all the winner and thank to CH for judging. alot of excellent food this week. one of the better weeks in my opinion. :cool:
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