This weeks contest! Jack Daniels Bonus


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Wow! Congrats to everyone! I loved the JD theme this week even if there wasn't a drop of bourbon in this house! And just so y'all know, Deb's meal was delish! I just finished the left overs I picked up from her this afternoon :)


Wow I didn't get home until very late last night so I was surprised when I saw the results this morning. Congrats Pete, Susan & Deb! Nice change-up with all the Jack Daniels variations this week. Great idea BP!

I saw Deb's Gnocchi and it was enough to send me over the edge, then she followed it up with her Jack-o-Lantern Brulee... Yes Ma'am!

Those Jack Daniels wings FLBentRider made are going on my list too!

BTW Chili, I just added the plated pics (It's been crazy the last couple days and I just didn't get them uploaded).
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