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I have two questions and I would welcome any thoughts or suggestions...

I am looking to put a smoker on the back of a truck and would need it to be as big and sturdy as possible. I currently use a Traeger Texas (075) at home and need more cooking space than this for the truck. I would love to switch to a Mak but there doesn't seem to be a big enough version (unless I'm just missing it...). I have also looked into the Traeger Com200 however that may be too big as I would like to attach it to the vehicle and not have to pull a trailer. I'm not opposed to trying to make the Com200 work since I would love to have that much cooking space. Any thoughts or recommendations?

The other option that I have come by is the "Pro Smoker BBQ". It looks like its a commercial style pellet smoker. Does anyone know anything about these? I have not heard of them before and can't find anything on the forum about them.

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mak has the four star woodmaster makes a fair big trailer smoker but Im not really a fan of their stuff

I have no experience with pro smoker bbq sorry!


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Yoder YS 1320 would be big enough I would think. if not, I believe the next option up in size is the Mak 4 Star, or find something like an older Traeger 100/350/ etc. with the "garage door", and pull it off it's cart. I believe the Pro Smoker is an FEC100 knock off, if memory serves.


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If it's for catering, I addition to space I'd also consider longevity, reliability, control and versatility.

Here's how they compare:

Cooking Surface Area: The MAK 4 Star has only slightly less cooking surface than the Traeger COM200:

> Traeger COM200 = 7,260 sq. in.

> MAK 4 Star = up to 6,600 sq. in.

> Pro Smoker 100SS - Not specified! They only give the cooking area (14.7 sq. ft.), which is not the same as surface area.


> MAK 4 Star = Marine grade 304 Stainless Steel - including stainless steel grates!

> Pro Smoker 100SS = Stainless Steel

> Traeger COM200 = Coated Carbon Steel
From Traeger's owners manual: "If you need to repaint the exterior of your grill, you may purchase matching paint from Traeger Industries."


The most common component to fail on a pellet grill/smoker is the ignitor rod. MAK's design allows an ignitor to be changed out quickly, should one fail. That could make a difference in whether or not your business is running on time for the lunch crowd on a given day. Time is money!

Control: MAK's Pellet Boss controller is well known to be unmatched in the industry, period!

MAK 4 Star controller features:
- an instant-read meat probe and 8 temp probes that allow for precise temp control at any grate level.
- Independent control of each fire-pot to allow true zone cooking. Smoke on one side and grill on the other.
- WiFi capable

Versatility: What if you need grilling capability for one of your catering gigs?

> MAK 4 Star: temp range = 170° - 650° | Grilling capable = Yes

> Pro Smoker 100SS: temp range = 180° - 400° | Grilling capable = No

> Traeger COM200: temp range = 180° - 450° | Grilling capable = Maybe

From the owner's manual: "The COM200 is designed to operate with the DOOR CLOSED." The owner's manual doesn't mention grilling. It's enclosed design and roll door doesn't really facilitate it.

Portability: MAK 4 Star is either a built-in design or has an optional cart.

Hope this sheds a little more light on the choices you mentioned!
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I use pellet grills for catering, all mounted on a trailer. If I had the $$$, the ONLY option would be the Mak 4 star. However until then, I am using two Traeger 150s, and a insulated vertical pellet cooker that will remain nameless. However, the upright pellet cooker, is about ready to be replaced by an Ole Hickory CTO. I have cooked on the Traeger 200 several times, and they work good, have lots of capacity, but need lots of maintenance and upkeep. The pro bbq smoker you mentioned is a knock off of the vertical pellet smoker I have.

It really depends on what kind of Qty you are cooking for, and what the meats are. I was using two Traeger 075s, but we outgrew those. We are normally catering for 100+ at our events, and need the capacity.

I have plans for a custom pellet cooker designed just for catering. Just need to decide if I want to pull the trigger and get it built.....

If I did not already have the traegers, I would be buying 2, Mak 2 stars......

Hope that helps.


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We use a Traeger Com 200. I love it. I buy a 40 lb. bag of pellets for about $8
and that gets me about 12 hours of smoking at 225. Sometimes I do some small loads like a dozen racks of ribs or like 10 pork butts. It holds its heat very good. I'm in central Wisconsin & I use it all winter. I smoke at night with temps -15 to -20, It was outstanding. (Used about double the pellets though) It pulls really nice. Just want to make sure the augers are run empty if you plan to pull it a long ways.


We have two MAK 2 star pellet grills and entertain crowds around 50 many times during the year. Very dependable. Pete mentioned the Ole Hickory which we just ordered a "Ole Hickory Ace BP" from Big Poppa Smokers. Not a pellet cooker, yet may be something to consider.


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I am in the process of having a custom pellet cooker built. Designed after the Com-200, it is big. It has 5 shelfs that are 48"wx36" deep. Uses 3 augers/firepots, and is fully insulated.

Here are a few pics




I am also looking at getting an Ole Hickory Ace-BP as well!
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