Tips for new competition pitmasters

Big Poppa

What about Wes for his first comp?

I sold my onyx over to steph....

Wes..the very best thing is to practice a cook with a real time line for all meats....a dry run and document exactly the time you need to do each step...I have a written sheet that is color coded and I set individual alarms on my Iphone for each task I have 28 alarms starting at 4;15 comp morning....Its about hitting your timeline...if you follow a schedule you will get everything done...for your first comp give your big meats a longer rest in case they dont get ready ....schedules eliminate stress.

The next thing is make sure that you focus on tenderness...I know that taste is the highest score value but either over cooked meat or undercooked meat with a great flavor profile will score in total less that perfect meat with an average flavor profile

Keep it simple....every cook in the world brings way too much crap at turns into chaos and clutter

Keep your cooking area clean in real time....if you let the mess build up you end up with a sloppy cook. All counter tops clear of clutter and clean after every procedure.

The biggest issue is the cook getting away from you and in summary a clean well organized cook that stays on the timeline always works.

Hope that is helpful

Meat Man

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Set simple realistic goals, hit your timelines, and get everything turned in. That would be a successful first cook. Don't forget to have fun, that's our rule numbero uno.
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