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Top Sirloin Filets on the Memphis Pro


New member
The boyfriend brought home some top sirloin filets... I prefer filet mignon or rib eye, but I really shouldn't complain when he's doing all the grocery shopping!

We don't use anything else but Big Poppa's Double Secret Steak Rub when we cook steaks. Misted Top Sirloin Filets from Trader Joe's with some olive oil, hit em with Double Secret and they were ready to go (they were on a clear plate, not my kitchen counter, promise):

On the Memphis Pro:

I tried doing Big Poppa's reverse sear method, but I got sidetracked and overcooked the steaks (I like my steaks rare):

Added some mashed cauliflower (with a little Swamp Boys Original on top, we're addicted to it), cornbread stuffing, and a green salad (not pictured) - not too bad, my family ate everything:

Next time, I'll do filet mignon or a rib eye... and pay closer attention! Really enjoying the Memphis Pro, thinking of doing pizza next!


They may be a little more done that you planned, but plate me up anyway! And be sure to dish me up a pile of that cornbread stuffing too please.

You are putting that Memphis to good use.
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