Traeger Pellet Requirements

Jess Miller

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Hello Everyone!

I have a Traeger grill/smoker and was wondering if I must use their pellets or can I use pellets produced by someone else?


Jess, you absolutely can use non-Traeger pellets. In fact, Traeger pellets use infused oil to flavor their pellets instead of 100% hardwood such as Oak, Mesquite, Cherry, Apple, etc. there are a number of great pellet suppliers that have superior pellets you can use:, LumberJack , BBQ Delight to name a few excellent brands.


Jess, like Sam said, yes you can absolutely use other pellets in your Traeger. And don't let Traeger try to tell you that using other brand pellets will void the warranty, because it's not true.

I like BBQer's Delight/B & B and the Lumber Jack brands.
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