Tri-tip and onion rings


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Do love the tritip.

at around 150 so foil time. Little onion and a splash of beer for the meat but I get the rest.

while it is cooking lets get some rings going. Sliced some Walla Walla and let them sit in some milk. didn't have butter milk so next best thing.

Looking good. time for some Foil, Towel, Microwave

Look at that ring

could you see it. maybe this will help

very good. Onion rings were great. could use a bit more seasoning next time but oh they were good.


NICE! You cooked it Trisket style. I know a lot of folks are skeptical of doing tri-tip like that, but everyone I know who's done that swears it's great and so much better than brisket.

I haven't been able to get my hands on any tri-tips in a while or I'd give it a try.


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That looks so good, especially the rings. What temp you cooking the rings at to get them to crisp up? Secret is good with me:>).


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Nice job! If you go with the buttermilk you will not need the egg wash which I think give the rings a eggy taste.
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Man, I love tri tip! I have to try it Trisket style now.

I love the O rings, but I love veggies too. How did you do the cauliflower? Looks great!


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Onion rings
slice Onion and let soak in Milk for a couple hours (but would like to try butter milk like RickB said)
then into flour seasoned with some paprika. Could have used some salt or something to put them over the top.
then egg and then planko
let chill in fridge for an hour while the tri-tip finished
set Mak to 400. cook 10 min then flipped and cooked ~ 10 more min.

cauliflower cut into florets and add
crushed garlic
olive oil
black pepper
Cook for ~25-30 min at 400 turning once in the middle
then add
Parmesan cheese, parsley flakes, and I like to add planko.
Cook another 10 min

and if you can give the Tri-Tip (trisket) a shot. They are good.
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