Tri Tip cook for the hunting weekend


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Marty's son was home this weekend with us for ND deer rifle season opener. As the guys were out on Saturday in 30mph winds and 20 degree temps I thought I would cook them a killer meal for when they got home. What better way to do that than with a nice big Tri Tip, lobster tails, and potatoes! Here goes the cook....

Started with a Tri Tip - seasoned with some garlic olive oil and Tatonka Dust.

For this cook I set up the BGE to do a sear - got the temp up to 550° and did a 5 min per side. Removed the Tri Tip and then set the BGE to cook indirect and brought the temp down to 275° to finish cooking. Added some oak pellets as well on the lump charcoal at this time. Here it is after the sear.

While this was cooking I also added the hashbrown casserole as well. This was out of the freezer so I knew it would take some time to cook.

Once the Tri Tip reached 130° I pulled it, wrapped in foil and let it rest while the rest of the meal cooked.

Everything is coming along nicely and just about done. Lobster tails were seasoned with some Seafood Splash and some melted butter.

Tri Tip sliced...

Here is a plated pic of it all together.

This is the first time for me doing a Tri Tip with a quick sear at the beginning. Turned out excellent and can't wait to do it again!!


With 30 MPH winds, the deer tend to bed down making for some tough hunting. What a great meal for them boys to come home and find!
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