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Tried my hand at apple smoked cider mill bacon


I followed Tenthunter's instructions and just finished my own batch of bacon. I started with 5lbs of pork belly, skin off. Unfortunately all I could get was frozen. I took a stab at trimming it up and cut it into four pieces and then into the brine for 8 days.

Here they are in the smoker ready for their cold smoke followed by a hot smoke.

Here are two of the pieces after smoking.

After resting for two days I sliced them on my brand new food slicer purchased just for this occasion.

Here they are packaged and ready for the freezer.

The taste is great but some of the pieces are a bit tough. I'm wondering if all of the skin was off. Maybe I need to do a better job trimming them up, or, maybe it's because they were frozen?

I'll definitely be doing more in the future once this batch is gone.

Thanks for the inspiration and instructions Tenthunter!


Glad to see you tried it, and it sure looks great! :)

Don't you just love that bit of sweet tang at the end from the cider? And see what I mean about the Applewood smoke penetrating very well?

If it's tough along one edge, then there very well may be some pork rind (skin) still on. If so, no problem, just trim the rind off before frying some up. BUT... DON'T throw the rinds away! Fry them up in the bacon fat until crispy and you'll have some good munching! Our dog loves them too!


Tenthunter, My house smelled like a smoke house for almost 24 hours after slicing, packaging and cooking bacon last night. That's a good thing.
Thanks for you clear, complete and very educational instructions!
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