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Tried Somthing New for Me...Thanks for lookin'


Bacon Wrapped Pork Loin w/Homemade Potato Salad and Pimento Cheese w/Apples, Bananas and Leprechuan Dip

Another beautiful day in the Bluegrass! What better excuse does one need for some Q! Thought i'd try something a little different for me as i've never tried this before. Let's introduce the players (in order of use):


Next was the neverbeforetried weave....wasnt so bad. Threw it on the Mak and about an hour later it looked like this:


Mak Temp 250 for 4 1/2 to 5 hrs.

And here she is resting away....lets eat I'm gettin hungry!!


Here's a closer look:


Meanwhile, decided to surprise my wife with Homemade Pimento Cheese. This is her dad's recipe. Very easy and simple to put together. Here's a pic of the players:


in the bowl ready to be mixed:


and finally all plated up:


oops...i almost forgot...we had this for desert. Cut up apples and bananas with my world famous Leprechuan Dip =) Ingredients are: Marshmallow Creme with Soft Philly Cream Cheese and a little green food coloring. Here's a pic:


Had a lot of fun, family, and food

Thanks for lookin!!! and thanks BP for this site!!!


Thanks guys and gals....had a lot of fun =) Trying to do different things w/the Mak and gettin out of my comfort zone a little. Its funny, my family is getting into it too. Used to be all me and my little cooker, now its an event....thanks to you guys!!
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