Turkey Practice


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The turkey I smoked yesterday. First time using the roasting rack trying to save the drippings for gravy. Didn't turn out well. The turkey was great. Still have 1 to do today. Used Green Mountain Pellets.



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give us the 411...temp etc thanks

I can tell you that if you want to capture some drippings and keep them there you have to start with a moisture base in the pan...I usually put some chicken stock...celery apple onion etc


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apple - thanks BP - never thought of adding apple.... I'm going to do that this year

I don't bother to try to capture the drippings from the turkey day bird. A few weeks ahead I buy some wings/thighs/legs (whatever I can get) and roast them with some celery, carrots, onion, garlic. Then I make a stock with it and use for my stuffing & gravy (I freeze it until a few days before). That way there is plenty of gravy to go around and I'm not trying to defat, make gravy with all the other craziness.
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