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I'm a bit OCD about checking to see if my MAK's setpoint and PB measured temps are "correct". I confess I do this for my home oven, my other smokers/grill/etc. I have a Fireboard 6 port wifi temp monitor, a Maverick XR-50 4 port temp monitor and a Thermoworks IR gun with an ambient K-probe. To tell the truth, it drives me a bit crazy, but I always want to know if my food is smoking/cooking at the temp I want, whether low or high heat. Of course testing the food's internal temp (IT) is the BEST way to measure "doneness", so this is really about desired cook temperature.

Do you separately monitor the ambient temp? Do you adjust the setpoint based on this, or just stay with the Pellet Boss setting?

I know MAK is working on an idea called a "roaming Thermo Couple" so that the TC can be placed closer to where the food is being smoked (see MAK DADDY's post on this). For example, I do a lot of smoking using the upper grate and this would allow placing the TC on the upper grate, thus providing temps to the Pellet Boss from beside the food up there versus the fixed location of back, lower left. Pretty great innovation in my opinion!


I only monitor internal pit temps separately when competing with a 2 Star. In my backyard I go with what the TC says based on my knowledge of what temps I get at specific setpoints while I competed.
That roaming TC is a GREAT idea!!!!!!


I have monitored the temps separate. The pellet boss is always in the ballpark. Like scooter we just cook with ours. The way a MAK cycles makes more smoke. With that the temps cycle a little to. Still less then our oven.


Since I don't have the WiFi, the only time I use an extra probe is for overnight cooks to alarm me just in case, on the rare incident, the pit temp were to drop below 140° from a flame out.

Otherwise, we basically just cook with ours too. I don't worry about a remote probe regarding temp differences between top/bottom, left/right, etc. The overall average from the PelletBoss has always worked well for us.

I have to admit, though, the roaming temp controller is intriguing!


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I just got a fireboard also I have the prob in the top middle, it reads 245 when the pit is set for 225, I have not put it everywhere but for sure it's about 20 more up there, also I think increase with temp

I do 90% of my smoking on the top with a pan under


Yes, I've monitored my MAK's grate temps using a calibrated therm in the past so I know what the difference is. Upper grate temps tend to be approx +20º but the diff increases when set to 275 & higher. Easy enough to adjust the controller to compensate. The temps cycle from high to low normally like any other pellet smoker. Ovens do the same thing. Really isn't a problem. A roaming TC will be a good solution to the grate temp difference especially with the upper grate when it becomes available.
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