Any advice on smoking a Wagyu brisket? This will be my first. All the briskets i've smoked over the years have been Angus. Is there a difference in smoke times, spritz, wrapping temp? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance


Don't try to make it into rocket surgery. :p ;) Cook it how you are used to cooking any brisket. The end product will be more tender and juicy because of the fantastic marbling.

Oh yeah... and don't forget to invite me over for dinner! :cool:


As Tent stated, just cook them like a regular visit. I cooked one last summer and used a recipe/method from Malcom Reed for "easy smoked brisket". It came out great.


Agree with TentHunter, follow your brisket process. It's done when probe tender. BTW, when I smoke all the way up to probe tender, I usually rest it open on the counter for 5-10 min to help lower the IT & retard further cooking before I place in cooler.
Saw your post NorCal looks amazing!! i am agonizing over injecting too lol. How did it taste? I've read where ppl hated the taste and now I'm second guessing myself lol
Thanks guys for the advice. Of corse everyone is invited. I bought 2 for that very reason lol. Im a small town grocery store owner who wants to mix things up a little. Cant keep doing the same thing as they say. Ive advertised Wagyu on FB and have already received a bunch of calls (probably from the competition). I don't know a fair Wagyu Price per lb. Any suggestions?

Assuming 45% Loss Cost/lb is 22.78
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Thanks again for the advice!! Smoked one brisket last night (stayed up all night). The result was phenomenal!! Amazing taste and flavor. Melted in my mouth. Everyone loved it. Ill weigh it next time, but it didn't seem to lose a lot during the cooking process. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm a true believer in Wagyu.
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