What does your Handle mean?


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Mine is simply the initials to my full name: Arthur Charles Wiesemann 3. I usually use the III, but needed to shorten it for ease of signing-in.


Big Poppa

I used Big Poppa as my name on my other forum at Ernie Ball...It was just a funny take on that old rap sond....I love it when they call me Big Poppa.....I didnt think that I would post much there but I think Im going to hit 16,000 posts there probably today. Im at nearly 1900 posts here in just three months....scary.


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Jrip - Jim Rippey. When I was younger my friends called me Rip...then years ago I went to work for a company where a co-worker was actually named Rip..so I didn't push that. It seemed there were enough Jims on this forum already, and Rip the co-worker is looooong gone, so back to Rip. If I had it to do over I would have just signed up as Rip. Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


TentHunter is a shortened version of my handle from am online Game called "Unreal" that I've played for years.

Long story short: I operate an Unreal Game Server that runs 24/7 and folks connect to it from all over the world. Its a lot of fun to play and has been a great hobby. I also make maps, mods, weapons, etc. for the game. Years ago another modder made these creatures called Death Tentacles that can kill a player with a single shot. I got a reputation for hunting them and my handle got changed to Tentacle-HunteR.

Like here, most Unreal folks just call me Tent, so it has stuck.


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sparky, its the same handle i have on the other forum. just like it. i should change it to Fat Tire since i have one everyday. :cool:
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Last name is Carter and add the Q for BBQ. Pretty darn creative :)

I would just go with Carter, that's what all my friends call me anyway (I guess Tom is too long to say), but that handle is never available so I don't even try.


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Well Mine (DolphinLvr) stands for Dolphin Lover (as in the animal). I grew up around the ocean and have always loved the marine life, especially the Dolphins as sthey are so intelligent! Anyways, I have used this Nickname for numerous years and its easy for me to remember.....LOL


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Mine came from my love of swine (mostly how they taste and fun raising them) and the name of my wife's parent farm in Oregon. "Little Star Dairy". Great thread! I would also ask how many of the readers have farm/ranch backgrounds.


I use to sign in as jimbloomfield. It is me. One of the forums I was on they sent out a message to their members that they were updating their forum software and we would need to resign in and recommend not using your real name because of "issues" they had with some members. Never found out what the "issue" was but conformed with their wishes and on every forum now I am jimsbarbecue,because the website name was also available. I do have jimbloomfiled.com too.Like others I use the same handle everywhere so if your on the Brethren and see jimsbarbecue its me even though my picture icon may be different. Just so you know when I spell check this post when it comes across jimsbarbecue the recommended replacement is Mozambique. Maybe I need a new handle.


It's what everyone has called me since college. Most people don't know I have another name...

Pigstar, I live on a farm. Love the open space. My nearest neighbor is 1/4 mile away.


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My other hobby

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