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What's Going on Your Pellet Grill for Thanksgiving?


I'll be smoking:
  • A Turkey (spatchcocked)
  • Sausage Stuffing/Dressing
  • either Sweet Potato casserole or Acorn Squash
  • A Ham Hock or some Tasso ham to go in the turnip greens.
  • hopefully a layered Pumpkin Pie - Cheesecake

What items will be catching some smoke on your Pellet Grill/smoker for your Thanksgiving meal?


New member
We butchered 7 turkeys this year, the biggest finished out at 37 pounds!!!



Didn't get many pictures since it's messy, messy work, but did get a shot of James the master turkey plucker at work. :)


And one pic of a bird once we were done.


However, what am I putting on my grill tomorrow??? NOT A DANG THING!!!

James is visiting family in Washington with his son, so I'm going to a friend's house and not cooking a thing!!!! :) She said my job could be test the wine to make sure everyone will like it. WHOO HOO!! :)

James is bringing a 30 lb fresh bird for his feast-- it's his first shot cooking a turkey all on his own, so please say some prayers for him!! He infused some butter with fresh rosemary last night and injected it all over with butter after straining it.

I'll likely smoke a turkey on the MAK next week sometime though. :) Might try my hand at brining for the first time too...


New member
A few years ago we started having a meal on Wed night with friends who will be with their own families the next day. This year it was pork belly and ribs.

Will be doing a ham today.

Hope everyone has a great holiday!


Pumpkin Pie
Maple Bourbon Brined and Smoked Turkey
Dinner Rolls, cooked in a cast iron skillet
Pumpkin Bread
Mashed Taters
Green Beans
Giblet Gravy.
The first four were all done in my Mak! All were delicious. as my stuffed tummy can attest to.:rolleyes:


New member
My first Thanksgiving smoking a turkey on the MAK 2 star. It turned out great! Also cooked a keto pumpkin pie on the grill, that received 2 thumbs up.
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