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Whats up for the Fourth!!!!

Big Poppa

Ok I read the stats..more people grill on the fourth than any other day...we know that we will be cookin better

How many of you have been recruited to cook for the fourth?

Im going to Lake Tahoe and will have a hasty bake and a Two star fired up!


New member
I have been recruited. I just found out yesterday. I blame BP for this - that darn sweet money rub ;-) was such a hit on Memorial Day the family wants more. I had to order more last night (I sneaked a few extras in on the order shhh don't tell my wife). And a quick shout out to Casey and the rest of the BPS team for getting my order out so quick!

This will be the first time I will be cooking in one place and transporting the ribs to another location. I will be pouring over all the tips I can find in the forum on this.

Then it's a big night of fireworks on the family farm.

Happy fourth to all in advance


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Looks like I won't be cooking - we're still waiting for our permits. I've been staring at my 4 Star General sitting in my driveway for a week and a half :(


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hoping to get the MAK moved to my new place...then I will happily fire it up and cook. For whoever wants to join me! I am catering a rib dinner for fam & providing a meal for a family in need the 6th & 8th so I have a feeling Minnie will get lots of usage over the holiday weekend.


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Yup, doing pulled pork for a 4th of July party of about 30 adults. Since I am going to transport the pork, I will smoke, foil, place in a cooler, transport and pull at location. This way it will be fresh for eating.


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Won't celebrate 4th until the weekend =( my family get together (12 to 15 ppl ) and have a big cookout. Haven't thought about the menu yet, but I know it will involve the 1 star =) I'd like to smoke chicken (spatchcock), jacked-up baked beans, Desert Gold Grilled Potatoes, Bacon-wrapped grilled corn (yup...the same recipe on BPTV) and home-made strawberry ice cream. Never made ABT's...Should i go for it?


New member
Our daughter is coming home (on leave) and wants Biscuits n Ham. One of our favorite recipes from BPS website.

Otherwise it's a week full of music and friends. The Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival starts on the 4th and we play Friday night at 8:00. Sunday's lineup includes Taj Mahal, Mavis Staples, and Robert Plant.

I didn't get the call to play with Robert.....dang it! ;)


JD McGee

New member
OK...here's our menu...

Hot dogs...
Jerk Chicken Wings...
Corn on the cob...
Rhana's killer coleslaw...
Ice cold beer...

That'll work...:cool:

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Chili Head

New member
Looks like I'm doing ribs, brats, and burgers. The wife is making deviled eggs and I'm making my loaded baked potato salad. Beer, margaritas and others beverages will be consumed.

Meat Man

New member
Jake and Rachael have a comp coming up the next weekend, so it's a practice cook for them. Chicken, ribs and brisket with all the fixings.


New member
The family reunion is tonight so I've been recruited to grill the burgers & hot dogs over at the in-laws on Thursday. Somehow everyone finds out if you like to to cook. Will, sounds like you've got a pretty good thing going on at your place. Now you've got the kids hooked on competition you can lay back and enjoy the fruits of their labors.
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