When is my brisket/done? When do I foil?

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I wrote this for another thread but I think it is important

its all personal preference.....This gives me a chance to remind you guys that with bbq unlike lets say steak....Its loks first feel second...internal temp of the meat is just a secondary reassurance...>So before I get jumped on let me explain:

Looks...That refers to when you foil. SO many things affect the color of your meat....smoke source...seasoning....PH....SO foil at the color you like.

Internal temp of the meat.....You are rendering the toughest cuts of the animal in most cases. Unlike steak that 135 is 135 and thats how you like your steak,,,with brisket it is when the cow gives up...when it pops....To just think of internal temp as your main guide doesnt work. Here are just some of the factors involved....The lower your cook temp, the lower the finished brisket IT will be. The hotter the higher....As an example only and not exact but if you cooked at 185 and let it go for 20 hours it will be done at 185....WHen I am cooking in comp at 275 or 300 sometimes the brisket is not done until 214.

WIth brisket and butts remember it's about feel first.....that probe of spear or whatever you use needs to slide through the meat. In that subject the higher temp you cook at the more aware of the residual cook on....the meat will continue to cook itself...the utside is hotter and will move to the inside. This is why to factor in the amount and conditions you will rest the meat. If you slap it right away in a cooler or cambro you will have to pull it a little bit earlier...So consider this stuff for best table side or judging table results.

I mentioned rest...so very important but I am not one that thinks any meat needs to rest for 4 hours....I try to time my stuff for between a 45 minute to 1.5 hour rest when competing. At home it is a half hour max.
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