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Which pellet tube smoker?


There are lots of smoke tubes available. Most are available on Amazon. Here are a few I found with prices.

A-Maze-N, prefilled with Hickory ($ 22.99)
GMG Thin Blue 11” to 18” ($29.99)
Carpathen Z-Smoker 12” ($17.80)
M Embr Smoking 12" Pellet Smoker Tube ($13.99)
MVZAWINO Pellet Smoker Tube 12" ($9.99)
IGNITE Stainless Steel Smoker Chip Tube 9” ($9.99)
LzzQ.12” ($13.99)

How do I choose? ❓


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I have two of the AMAZE-N smokers, the original maze and a 12" tube. The maze is probably 15 yrs. old and the tube about 10. They don't show any signs of deterioration except they're black now.:) I don't know anything about the others.


BPS (the sponsor is our forum) sells the A-Maze-N tube smokers. I own two of them and they work quite well. I use them in my MAK as well as my old offset smoker for cold smoking cured meats, cheese, paprika, etc.


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I use the EMBR Smoking Pellet Smoker Tube. I got it from their website at (link removed per forum rules) and it's worked great since I've got it. Tons of smoked cheese. haha
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I use a Mapp gas torch, although, the Amaz-n tube smoker kits come with a squeeze bottle of gel fire starter. That probably works well because you can light it and not have to tend it for a bit like you do with the torch. You can get gel fire starter online.
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