Who Keeps Their Mak Outside?


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I have an uncovered patio and it would be way more convenient to keep it outside. The build quality should make it pretty billet proof it just bothers me to keep a grill that nice outside, mostly concerned for the electronics and pellets from dew/rain. I’m sure the stainless is pretty damn resilient, just my tendency to want to baby nice toys.


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My MAK lives outside year round. I have theMAK cover. When it's not in use it's covered and tucked under the roof overhang on the deck. I have never drained the pellets from the hopper between cooks. I live in the PNW and it rains pretty much all winter here.


While not quite as wet as the PNW, I live by the ocean and the salt-sea air keeps things humid here, as well as somewhat corrosive. One of the reasons I love the MAK is the 304 Stainless version - what they sometimes call "marine grade" stainless steel. I also keep my MAK 2 Star outside, covered and under my second floor deck. I do empty the pellet hopper after every cook, but that is mainly because I swap pellet woods - Applewood, cherry, oak, Perfect Mix - depending on what I am smoking.


My MAK 2 Star has always been outdoors on the deck, since 2014. I use the cover when not running and also empty the pellets. It takes only a few seconds so why not, and have less to worry about? It's not worth having to un-jam an auger.


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If the electronics are going to fail, they should do so within the first three years of their life, and would be covered by warranty. The vast majority of MAK owners keep their grills outside. I wouldn't leave pellets in the hopper for any length of time unless you live in an absolutely dry climate. If they absorb moisture from the air it will impact their ability to generate heat next time they're used.


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Prior to our covered patio, my MAK’s spent 24/7/365 under the sun and stars. Lots and lots of rain and never an issue. Obviously keeping covered when not in use is just good common sense...but cooking in the rain has never had a negative impact in my experience :)
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