Why don't I like pork tenderloin? Am I doing something wrong?


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I'm about to say "no more pork loin attempts"

I've tried cooking 5 or 6 different loins on my Memphis, and while they have come out OK they have never blown my mind like chicken, steak, ribs, shoulder, etc... The loins stay tender and juicy but the flavor is just plain old boring and all around blah, no matter what rubs or sauces I throw at them.

Smoking at 250*, pulling at 150* internal. Let sit 10 min, then cut into medallions.

Should I be injecting? Marinating for more than 6 hours?

I smoked 2 loins yesterday; the first one (w/yardbird and carmelized BBG #1 red sauce) was barely passable after 3 pieces so I decided to try again. The second loin (w/ pete's firehouse & drizzle of apple juice) had me take a few bites and then pitch it in the trash - downright terrible. My wife and the two pups took a few sniffs at the first attempt but when the dogs won't even touch attempt #2 you know it's bad.

I will be redeeming myself with spatchcock chicken tonight...


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my suggestion is quit trying to smoke it. Grill it at the same temps you would on your gasser.

I have found some things simply dont come off the memphis well at low heat.

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Pete I have no problem cooking slow on the memhpis pro and I think that you should reverse sear it. Also dont try to carmelize a red sauce so much on it.....150 is to well done for a tenderloin...140 is fine...then rest and sear

Above isw the video I did for the Hawaiian Pork

Ignore the german grill the pellet grills work just fine


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I found that 150 is also to done go with what BP said and do the 140 i also marinate in equal parts of soy sauce and worchester sauce with a shake or three of your favorite rub, for anything longer that 2 hours so 2 to 6,8,10, hours, then i also do the slow cook comes out very good I think



I personally haven't tried it but a bunch of guys stuff them, just adds some more dimension and flavor to it.
I'm sure they will post some to help you out :)
Kerrie has been cooking them with our MAK Chipotle rub and they turn out pretty good, but I agree they are not the most flavorful cut of meat.
MR BBQ has a couple recipes in the MAK Cookbook that use pineapple juice and brown sugar that works well too.

Don't give up :)
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