WIN FREE STUFF1 This weeks contest Chili Head is back as judge 9-16


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Congrats to the winners! Lot of great mouth-watering cooks this week! Well done, everyone! I'm going to have to steal some ideas!


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congrats to all the winners. thanks CH for judging and thanks BP for letting us play here. i also won this weekend just because i got to spend a enjoyable day w/ the BPS team. the meal i got was fantastic. :)


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Thanks everyone and congrats TH and Rip and to everyone who participated. And to all you lurkers out there, come on, join in. Let us see what you're cooking.


Wow, I wasn't sure I even stood a chance this week. You guys all rocked it big time... again!!!

Man anyone that can take tofu & veggies and turn it into pizza that looks like that gets two thumbs up from me! Congrats Rip.

And Susan, once again a fabulous looking plate that makes me hungry. Congrats to you as well.

Thanks for the tough job of judging Chili Head. And Big Poppa, Thanks for encouraging us all by sponsoring this contest week after week.


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I love these contests. Great new ideas. Fantastic looking food from everyone. Congrats to this weeks winners.



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Everything looked good this week! I was in Seattle for the weekend and did not get to play.. Congrats the the winners!!
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