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Big Poppa

Ok COngrats to Jimsbarbeque for winning last week....Its just 10 bucks but it makes it more your pics in the gallery below and win 10 bucks in Big Poppa Smokers Credit...

This week Bob Tucker of MAk is the judge since its his birthday1


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Trivia Night ham and stuff

MrsSTC's school is hosting a trivia night tonight, and I've been tasked with bringing the smoked protein for the 'teacher team'.. I've got piles of smoked turkey out in the freezer, so I'll grab 3 pounds of that - and I picked up a nice little 6 pound shank portion ham at the store.

Giving it some love now..

CT and some Southern Smoked Memphis Rub.


Elevated over a pan of wine, apple juice, a bit of A1, and whatever dripped off of the ham while I was slathering it.


Supposed to be a rainy day, break out the umbrella.


I'm running the Traeger on 180 (really 200°) - I'll pull the ham when it hits 140° and wrap it up tight.


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Took almost 5 hours to get to 141°! The wind was fierce.


Wrapped up tight in FTC now. I'll probably just take it that way to the school, and slice it when we get there.. I saved those lovely pan drippings as well.


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The trivia night - and the ham - was a success... Came home with scraps of ham and turkey. (after handing out a few ziplock bags of 'meat bribes')

Some outtakes..

Jabba The Ham.


Could you spend a day carving hams on a kindergarten work table??
(15 minutes was enough for me)


The Micro-sized buffet line..



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SWMBY's Choice

I knew before I even finished the sentence that I would be heading to the grocery store to pick up ribs. But when you ask my wife what she wants on the grill, unless we had them the night before the answer is always going to be ribs. Yesterday was no different and to be honest I was hungry for ribs in a way as well, but I earned some extra brownie points this way because it was her choice.

And well, since it was her choice in food I felt it was only fair that she took the pics as well. Being a photog that was just fine by her. That's why we end up with a fancy storyboard like this instead of a few different pics posted in a thread like I would do. Such is the life of living with the "artistic".

So without further ramblings, here is our dinner from last night. A couple racks of Baby Backs, one with Sweet Baby Ray's Honey BBQ and one with Bone sucking sauce. Then a couple pans of cornbread on the top rack and a nice helping of asparagus on the grill grates to finish things off. I'll be honest, the asparagus was a little over done but I still ate mine. Was good to see 5 clean plates at the end of the meal.




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I can't compete with Trent's wife's photography but here goes......

Pumpkin/Ricotta Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter & Cranberry Turkey Sausage

Started yesterday by roasting a pumpkin, garlic & shallots on the Traeger


Today made some ravioli (pumpkin, roasted shallot, homemade ricotta, parmesan, Maple liquer, maple sugar - I'll do a post later in the week if more detail is needed)


Made some Cranberry/Maple Turkey Sausage


Tragering the sausage & dessert (brownies)

to be continued....


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Pumpkin/Ricotta Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter & Cranberry Turkey Sausage (continued)

The $$ shot


Traeger Brownies

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My meager post! FireWire Scampi

WOW!! Trent let your wife know those photos are great! I love the shallow depth of field; it makes the food really pop!

And Deb, That's one incredible sounding fall dish. PLEASE post the recipes for both the ravioli & the sausage!

Those posts make mine seem meager indeed!

We had FireWire-grilled Scampi with Porterhouse on the side:

I made a scampi sauce with a little butter, wine, fresh garlic, minced onion, parsley, a bit of sugar, lemon juice & a little seas salt. Loaded up the shrimp on some Firewires (they work great) and let them marinade in the scampi sauce while the steaks smoked.

This was my first attempt as a reverse sear. Next time I'll pull the steaks a little sooner and reverse sear it longer, but I am hooked.

While the Steaks rested, I threw the Firewired shrimp on for a few minutes each side, brushing with the scampi sauce. I heated the remaining sauce to pour over the plated shrimp. We served with some steamed carrots & turnips.

Thanks for looking!
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damn, wish i knew how to use my camera. yesterday i cooked a fattie for breakfast (plowboys yardbird on it, ty bp for the spices), ABT's for game time. for dinner i smoked some bacon then put on some big russet potatoes. we have baked potato meal for dinner (baked potato, bacon, chives, grated cheese, sour cream). dessert, mrs smith apple pie on the grill with ben and jerry vanilla ice cream. before i went to bed, pork butt baby. injected (fat tire and pineapple juice) and drown it in hasty back and then put on raw sugar on top. took it off this morning. lil tex was fired up for over 24 hours. cooking 6 hour ribs for game tonight. got me 3eyz for rub and pappy's xxx white lightnin bbq sauce and big bob gibson red sauce for them. my pellet grill.
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The Winner is...

WOW you guy's make it tough to be a judge! Too bad I couldn't sample all this, what kind of judging job is this anyway BP :)

Tent Hunter, how did you know my favorite food is shrimp? Nice job on the Scampi and the T bone too, cooked to medium just how I like it.

Deb, I know the Pumpkin/Ricotta Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter & Cranberry Turkey Sausage took all the work but come on that brownie ice cream Carmel covered amazingly delicious looking dessert takes the cake! OK I love sweets so I am biased, great job on both!

Trent, I love you my MAK brother but your pictures are not showing up for some reason? I am sure from the comments of others it was another home run!

This weeks WINNER is:

Come on how can you not vote for Jabba the Ham? Seriously that ham looks like it's in 3D on my screen, very nice job!
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