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    Scooter made a statement in another thread today that made me stop and think of how fortunate we are to have this forum. The statement " Everyone's experiences provide education for the rest of us". A big thanks to all of you.
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    Need Pellets in San Diego

    Hi folks, I'm looking for some pellet cookers who live in San Diego County and are in need of some pellets. I would like to share an order of BBQDs from BPs. By ordering 480lbs or more we can get a better price per pound. If you're interested please PM me. Thanks Bill:cool:
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    New Info on Flame Zone

    Myself and many others I'm sure are wondering if there is any new info concerning the new MAK 2 Star flame zone. Is it still in the testing stage, is it in production, what area of the zone has been the most challenging, how close is it to being on BPs store shelf. Any info would be greatly...
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    Vista Comp

    Does anybody have any info on the Vista C.A. Comp? Thanks in advance Bill:D
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    Hey BP any new info on the ET-732?:confused:
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    Have you ever

    Have you ever used a Food Tumbler? I have been looking on line at them and would like to get some input as to how well they work. The unit that sounds good is the Eastman Outdoors Reveo Marivac 38229. Has anyone used this unit and if so how did you like it? Did you use a different unit and if...
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    Vacuum Sealler

    Do you use a Vacuum sealer for your leftover smokes? If you do. What brand of sealer? What brand bags do you use? Do you reuse the bags? How would you rate your Vacuum sealer?
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    Competition in So Cal

    On November 5th & 6th at Golden Acorn Casino, just east of San Diego CA, there will be a Bar-B-Que Competition. For all the info go to cbbqa.org. :D I hope to see some of you there. Bill
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    My name is So Cal Smoker and I am a pellet smoker.

    I live in the San Diego area and own a MAK 2 Star General. Love to cook and experiment with different rubs and sauces. I'm looking forward to sharing some LOLs and good times. Bill :cool:
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