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Big Poppa

Here we go

$25 first place store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
$15 second place store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
$10 third place store credit to Big Poppa Smokers

$10 dollar bonus for ribs...in honor of Johnny Trigg....Sparky likey this


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Here we go

$25 first place store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
$15 second place store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
$10 third place store credit to Big Poppa Smokers

$10 dollar bonus for ribs...in honor of Johnny Trigg....Sparky likey this

I think Sparky should be disqualified! (;-)


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I guess Ill start it off with some Ribs!! Couldnt have been better timing!! Picked up a pack of Baby Backs from Sams also had an extra half rack in the freezer that I took out.. Mustard rub down on all 3 and 1/2 rubbed one with Little Louies SGS with pepper, one with Obie Cues Sweet and Heat and one with Soileaus Cajun.. The half rack was Little Louies and Obie Cues..



Onto the MAK at 275 after about 1.5 hours..


Threw some beans on and foiled the ribs after about 2hrs...Let em ride for about an hour..


Unfoiled for about 1 more hour then sauced with Blues Hog on one and Memphis Sauce on one... The other rack with the cajun rub and the half I Tried with no sauce..





Came out great as usual!!! Just would have wished the cajun had a little more kick to them, I may have went a little light on it.. Love doing ribs on the MAK!! Like everyone else, just looking for that great flavor profile...So many possibilities!!


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Hey Bflodan, I am curious......why rub mustard on the ribs first? Does it leave a mustard taste? Do u use it on pork butts as well?

Thanks, Jim aka JimmyDings


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Meatballs on the Mak

ok peoples, I have never done ribs and do not feel I am ready for that, so I tried something different.

Smoked Meatballs on the Mak 2 Star

Pulled a meatball receipe off the internet, as I've never made Meatballs before
Rolled em up to try and make 1 1/2 to 2" ballsView attachment 935

put em on the Mak 2 Star for 2 hours @ 225 with 4 parts Oak to 1 part MesquiteView attachment 936

Smoked till "IT" reached 140View attachment 937

Put in Store bought sauce as I did not have stuff to make from scratchView attachment 938

Cooked on low for an hour and served with Whole Grain spaghetti
THE MONEY SHOT!!!View attachment 939

The amazing thing about this meal was how the smoked meatballs changed the overall taste of the sauce......OMG, I've found a true favorite and my Wife, Dad and Kids raved about it

I love my Mak......"Once I own a Mak, I'll never go back!"

Best wishes all, Jim aka JimmyDings


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Had to do an early dinner tonight - rescheduled trick or treating tonight

ribs, I can do ribs :p

I decided to change them up from the normal ribs... the char siu ones I did a few months ago were good but I wanted to try them again with a few changes to the recipe...... last night I made the char siu marinade and put the ribs in. I also put some steak tips in a teriyaki marinade ....... and cooked some jasmine rice to use for fried rice

this morning I chopped a few veggies - some will go to fried rice and some to baked egg rolls

got the ribs on the grill , this is a little bit before foiling

ready for foil, modified sparky style - a little honey drizzle and more char siu marinade

I missed pictures of the egg roll & fried rice prep

then I started dessert -- cut up some pears, mixed with a splash of lemon, brown sugar, cinnamon and a few diced up cranberries. Placed a layer of semi-sweet chocolate chunks down on an egg roll wrapper, then the fruit on top and then rolled them up.


the grill went up to high with the grill grates....... the teriyaki beef went on the grill grates, the ribs back in to finish up and the egg rolls in to bake


the meat

dinner all plated up

the ribs were cooked a little more than I would have liked, I had a hard time getting a good picture but they were awesome. They were not dry like the one above looks :(. The char siu flavor was great this time. Now I need to figure out what I did and document it

dessert - pear, cranberry, chocolate egg roll
for a throw together dessert this was awesome & the picture doesn't do it justice



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Hey Bflodan, I am curious......why rub mustard on the ribs first? Does it leave a mustard taste? Do u use it on pork butts as well?

Thanks, Jim aka JimmyDings

More or less a glue for the rub to stick to... Mustard is very mild I think... You can taste it very little... Yes I have used it with pork butts!! I usually use Carolina Treet with both...Either is very good...


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49er fattie

who's 7 - 1? boo ya....

da players


i don't really like the weave when you make a fattie so i did something a little different. i frame it w/ bacon then cut the bacon to fit going only 1 way. that way not to much bacon on it.


some of this and some of that.



who's 7 - 1? da 49ers. and waa la, the 49er fattie.


onto a frogmat for some smoking time. 1 hour smoke then to 275º.


got some yumminess going on here.


cut up on top of a english muffin.


3 eggs and some blues hog on top.


oh ya. a perfect 49er fattie.


da winner and i didn't even have to make ribs. thats right, i am that good. thank you, thank you.


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Tri-talian Beef Tip sliders

Meant to start this last night, but it was damp, windy and cold. Today is just windy and cold.

(forgive the first 2 blurry shots, somebody turned off the auto-focus on my camera :confused:)

CAB tri-tip, after the hack job I did trimming it.


Rubbed down with some Wooster and Louie's Italian Beef seasoning.


Onto the MAK over the direct/indirect flame zone. Running around 275° at the grate.


I'm going to take it to 140° or so, rest a bit, then slice against the grain.

Getting some color, time to flip.


And about 25 minutes later (dang these cook fast), I get a 145° reading. I didn't want to stab it anymore, so we'll call it close enough.



Wrapped tight in foil and resting in the microwave for a while. Then after some fridge time, a sharp knife and a cutting board, Part II continues.. Kinda hard not to tear into it now. Stupid time change. :eek:


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Tri-talian Beef Tip sliders cont..

After some microwave/fridge time, I sliced it up. (crappy phone pics)



Line the slow cooker with Pepperoncinis.


Then the beef.


Mix the pepperoncini juice with some of this.


Kind of a funky green slurry.


Partially cover the beef with the hot mix, and dump in the rest of the peppers.


Lid on, set to 'Low' and let it ride for 4 hours or so..



Got the real camera out.

Getting closer..



Going 'open face' tonight..

Topped with some of the Louie's Au Jus + pickled pepper juice + foil drippings for gravy.


Let's eat!

Chili Head

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OK here we go!

I appologize for the short descriptions ect but I'm short on time..

The rib bonus goes to bflodan!

Dan thats a big ole plate of great looking ribs! Nice job!

1st place goes to Deb!

Those char siu ribs and rice look perfect Deb! And that dessert..Pear, cranberry, chocolate roll..WOW I would never have come up with that! I want some!

Second place goes to Squirt!
Those tri-talion beef tip sliders..OH MY GOODNESS! That last picture had me at hello!
That louies is good stuff!

Third place goes to Sparky!
Sparky that 49'r fattie looked awesome! The eggs on top with the blues hog did it for me! I'll be making that one with one change to make it better..DA BEARS on top :p

Thanks BP for what you do!
Congrats winners!
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