1st Brisket


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Figured it was time to give one a shot. Walking through Costco picking up a few things for a camping trip this weekend and thought a brisket sounded good. Little guy 4.5 lbs. trimmed.


I can never make up my mind. so another 50/50 cook. BPDSSR on 1/2 (wife fav for steak), and the other 1/2 with Tatonka and Money.

Lets start off with mesquite and then some apple after that. What I had.

In the Mak at smoke for 1.5 hrs. Water pan added the whole cook

after 1.5 hrs of smoke I bumped the temp to 250. At about 150-160 I liked the color so time to foil. Also Added a glug or two of wine. Think it was around 3 hrs at 250.

another 2ish hours and the probes were going in nice. temp was around 200-205. Pulled and FTM (foil, towel, microwave).

Headed off to work and wife had it for dinner. Text I got said "OMG that was the best Brisket I have ever had" Guess it turned it out :) Can't wait to try it tomorrow.




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Looks tasty! I have never tried half and half on a rub like that... Could you taste a difference in the sides?

not sure yet. had some for dinner the next night but wife cut it so not sure if I got a slice of each. Hopefully the one side is not gone and I can get a slice off each end this weekend.


Very nicely done, especially considering it was the most challenging part of the brisket to cook (the Flat).

My first brisket (years ago) sure didn't turn out that nice and juicy.
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