2 Star or 4 Star?

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My wife has been giving her best friend blow by blow descriptions of the meals I have been cooking on my 1 Star. Now she wants a MAK in a bad way and asked me to order one for her. The question is which one?

She entertains 20-40 people 3 or 4 times per year. Her favorite grill items are tritips, chicken thighs and shrimp. If I am not there to grill results have been iffy. So for a family of 5 that entertains should I order a 2 Star with a second shelf or a 4 Star? Are there other considerations I need to think about? Cost is not an issue for this purchase.


Big Poppa

if cost is not an issue the four star is the finest most versitile pellet cooker on the planet....also make sure she give Big Poppa a shot at the business! thanks!


I agree, if cost is not an issue go ahead and get the 4 Star. Otherwise go for the 2 Star, along with a couple upper half racks and the MAK Griddle. She'll be ready to cook almost anything!
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Which grill(s)

The 4 star is the top choice with the rack system that expands the cooking area a bunch.
The other option something we have done is to own two MAK 2 star grills. Not as much cooking area as a 4 star. We do use them sometimes at different temps so that part is handy. When we purchased ours the 4star wasn't a product yet. If we had to do it over and could cover the price, The 4 star would get consideration! We as other are very pleased with our MAK 2 Star we purchased from Big Poppa Smokers.


The 4 Star is amazing but probably overkill for what you are explaining. (FYI, if you do decide on the 4 Star we will not have stock until early summer).

I would suggest the 2 Star, it has lots of accessories to help with large cooks. Including the super smoker box which is fantastic for holding lots of foods on big cooks. Check out the holding pans for the SSB, the rib racks for extra rib capacity and upper racks for doubling the cooking capacity.

Thanks for spreading the MAK love!

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Thanks everyone. We are taking her out for dinner tomorrow for her birthday. I'll see if she want to buy herself a birthday present!

Definitely leaning towards the 2 star right now.
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