2012 MAK #829 first cook


Yesterday was the first real smoke on #829. Let's do some ribs. Starting these ribs with only "The Juicy Pig" rub on them(Thanks G9!) Sun shining brightly as you can see by the poor pic quality.

#829 puts out more smoke than #27 did!


Midway through, taking some nice color now.

4 hours later and done. Brought them in and applied one fairly light glaze of Big Moe's sauce. 2 pics, one with flash and one without. Couldn't decide which one I liked best so I'm putting 'em both on. You can just look at one. ;)


Thanks for looking.
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GA Que

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Wow! That is such a nice looking smoker. I wanted the 2012 unit but I,m actually getting a new roof put on today (ouch$$$$$), so I had to get the 2011 model which was a few hundred cheaper and they still had a few in stock. It should be arriving this week or early next week. The smoke output looks great including your ribs, congrats!


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That new 2 Star looks great! I have the go ahead to get one as soon as I find a good home for my old one. Ribs look awsome too!


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KyNola -

What type of ribs did you use? Are they spare ribs w/ St Louis type cut or BB?

What was your temp setting? Did you foil? The picures that you posted look fantastic!


Flavorguy, those are StL cuts. I ran the MAK at 250 the entire time. Took almost 4 hours to the minute. No foil at all.

Thank you for the kind words.


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Impressive.. seeing this may have just made up my mind on what pit to buy in the next week or so. Traeger just does not seem to cut it for me anymore...
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