2015 vs 2016 MAK 2 Star


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Hi everyone. I've been poking around this site for a couple of months now, and finally decided to join. Currently have a Texas, and ready to take off the training wheels. We just bought a new home, and I want to do a built-in on the back patio. I've narrowed down my search and all signs are pointing to MAK. If only I had known about MAKs when I bought the Texas last winter!

Does anyone know if there will be any changes with the 2016 model? Since 2015 is almost over, I'm contemplating waiting on pulling the trigger until the 2016 model comes out. Maybe MAK will have year end deals on the 2015s?

I have been drooling over MAKs for awhile now, so another couple of months won't kill me. Hopefully.


If someone who observes can judge simply by patterns then the first production 2 Star model came out in 2009. The next major version change was three years later in 2012. The next and newest major version change was another 3 years later in 2015.
MAK is not locked into a cycle but a betting man could assume the next 2 Star version might be released in 2018.

Welcome to PS.com!!

You've probably already seen this thread but just in case:
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Thanks Scooter and BP. I read deep into the depths of the MAK forums and can see it is a close community here. Thanks for the warm welcome.

I have been researching pellet grills the past 2 months and my wife is about to kill me because I've been talking about it so much. I thought at first that the 1 star would be all I need then realized it may be too short for me (I'm 6'5'') and I'd likely end up buying the flame zone, so I should just keep saving for the 2 star.


I have watched/grilled with a MAK 2 for two years and really like it. Great people to work with! I am very "junior" to Scooter & BP, but MAK doesn't change often. A betting man would agree with those two, as well. We would like to see pictures of your build. Take care and good luck.


Tom, first Welcome to the forum!

Don't hold off; go ahead and get your MAK in time to use it for the Holidays. You'll be glad you did! :)


Always nice to have the latest BUT, it's what comes out that is truly important. Mine's a little over a year into providing great results. Agree with Cliff, go get one in time for the Holidays and delight your family & guests with some outstanding food!



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I agree with the previous posters, order now (I just did) and enjoy! The changes that do come up between major revisions have usually been available as retrofits to the more recent models.



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Well guys, I ended up getting a 1 star. Didn't see that coming, it's a 2013.

I really only ever cook one, maybe 2 pork butts and maybe 4-6 racks of ribs at a time, so this should suite us (no kids yet). I wanted the SS with the 2 star, but I'm more than happy with this and the price I paid. I will probably grab a 2 star or 3 star in the future once my plans are finalized for the built-in. 1 star is just too small for that.
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2015 2 Star Vs prior year models

I just got my 2015 2 Star Halloween weekend. On SUnday, November 1st, I smoked a single slab of ribs for 7 hours, then kicked up the grill to 275 for 60 minutes. I have to say, they were THE BEST RIBS I've cooked yet on any of my MAK 2 Stars. (The 2015 model is my third 2 Star).

I also like the slide-in upper grate feature and believe it will be more convenient to use than the "leg" variety of upper grates.

I think that by moving the exhaust louvers to the rear of the cooking chamber made a huge difference in the volume/quality of smoke. Though, I must admit, we have competition bbq teams that are using pre-2015 models and consistently winning contests.

You are right, MAK does try and make changes which are retrofittable to older models.

I am not saying this to disparage any early model MAK. The ALL are SUPERIOR to any other pellet grill out there. And I can say that with almost a quarter century of pellet cooking experience.
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