2nd Annual King of the Smoker!!


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To Big poppa and his Crew

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You ! !

My wife had a terrific time. We were able to attend all of the demonstrations and chat with many of the cooks one on one. I've been lurking on these fourms for awhile and have learned a ton ! But yesterday being able to get up close and listen to all of the informative demonstrations was like spending a year on thes fourms in terms of learning. Actually being able to see, touch, and taste the food was an educational and awesome experiance.

The entire event was well organized and executed to perfection. Dont tell Big Poppa but he could charge triple and we would still feel it would be a bargain

If you ever get the opertunity to attend KOS you will NOT be disappointed.

Thanks Again to all of the event coordinators and staff that made yesterday possible for the average guy to attend.


King of the Smoker 2013

Hank took the drive and knows now what everyone who has been is talking about. I want to point out he mentioned his wife had a good time. My wife Patty has enjoyed herself both times we went and plan on going next year too. Guys just show your wife these photos of the La Quinta Resort in December.



The last photo is 100 yards from where the competition entrance is!

Some random photos from the event.










Just a little personal tidbit. I was privileged to judge this event. My KCBS judge # is over 54,000. Judge #1 Ed was there, as was Candy the KCBS president. Which I was lucky to sit at the same table with. The events where as Hank put you learn so much cool stuff your brain is loaded with BBQ knowledge, isn't enough. Later we had the chance to talk to Barbecue Legend Mike Mills.
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