3 Racks of Baby Backs, 3 Pepper Jellies


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Finally transitioned back to a day shift so I can enjoy some grilling. Ordered some pepper jellies a few weeks ago and figured what a better time to try this out. I picked up three racks of baby backs for this trial.

The Pepper Jellies...


I found these neat mini dutch ovens that I will use to warm up the jellies. They worked rather well...


The Baby Backs! Used grape seed oil and coated heavily with my own rub, ready for the MAK...


Ran the ribs at 250 for 2hrs 45mins, then foiled with a little organic apple juice and back on for ~40 minutes (toothpick test). Removed from foil and glazed with the jellies. Here they are ready to go back on to let the jellies set...


Was running out of time and forgot to take a money shot. This is what I have that will have to do. My portion, going to be foiled for around 20 minutes...


When I am attempting something new I do three racks and send them to my wife's school and let her administration, and other staff act as my taste testers. Her Principal was a defensive tackle in the NFL in the 90's and seems to know good food. I trust their judgement as they give very good constructive criticism. I keep a couple of bones off of each rack for my own taste testing. They were all good. I was very surprised.

One issue that I would truly appreciate feedback on. One rack seemed to possibly overcook. Not sure, but it was dry, and was more like a dry pork chop, than baby back rib. Any idea why this may have happened? The other two racks turned out great, as usual. I have never had my baby backs come out dry, and like a pork chop before so any suggestions are appreciated.


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Looks good. Did you rotate the location of the ribs during he cook? I cook my ribs on the top rack of my Mak, and generally feel the back rack cooks faster.....so I rotate them when I remember.

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I am not sure why one would turn out dry but I am sure others will assist.

I do have one question, I see your ribs are still in the foil, do you open foil back up and glaze with putting back on the smoker? Will any jelly work?

Thanks for sharing


The BB's, or loinbacks, are right underneath the pork loin chops. If the butcher who carved that one rack left a generous portion of loin meat on that one then when you thoroughly overcooked the loin meat on top in order to cook the rib meat underneath to tenderness, the loin chop meat on top would have been dry as a bone.
It happened to me at Santa Anita this weekend. On my rib judging plate I got a BB. When I took a bite I got a mouthful of uber dry loin meat. I had to spit it out and take a different bite but it cost the guy in tenderness points. I never use BBs for that reason. They are topped, to varying degrees, with loin chop meat that is not well marbled in fat at all. People in CA like them because they think they're healthier than spares and they probably are but I don't eat ribs for my health so I want the best flavored ribs which are the ones that come further down the hog near where the bacon comes from!!


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Scooter, thank you for the explanation. The others that taste tested for me did not have the same issue as me. I must have got the pieces that were over cooked. I like ribs for flavor as well. I didn't get this beautiful figure by eating healthy.

CDN Smoker, I only left them in the foil to apply the jelly. After applying all the jelly I removed from the foil and placed them directly on the rack in the grill. I then discarded the foil, which broke me heart. Typically, when not applying sauce, glaze, or jelly, I poor the remaining juices over the ribs. I am also not sure if any jelly would work, but don't see why not. This was my first attempt with jellies. I put a small amount of apple juice in with each of them.

Pappymn, I do not believe I rotated the ribs. I will keep that in mind next time. Thanks for the tip.

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When the ribs are finished ( yes i am over cooking but I am learning) before I open one end and pour out the juices. Then Place the ribs back on the smoker. The juices are mixed with BBQ sauce and then applied back on to the ribs to glaze.
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