(<6 entries posted) Snow cant keep our diehards away form the contest..ENTER TO WIN

Big Poppa

(<6 entries posted) Snow cant keep our diehards away form the contest..ENTER TO WIN

Ok kids it's cold out there but you have a smoekr that needs to be exercised

First place $25 bucks store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
second place $15 bucks store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
third place $10 bucks store credit to Big Poppa Smokers

$5 Bucks to everyone else...

AN EXTRA 5 bucks if you are cooking in the snow. for all entrants and will be added to the winners if they have snow around their cooker.


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Oh my gosh!!! I need to get out there and start cooking right now!!! We actually got some snow last night!!! Woo hoo!!! I hope I can get it on before it is gone..


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Okay, I goofed. We actually got some snow (well, a lot of hail and sleet that piled up a bit and looked kind of like snow) Friday evening so I was going to get in on this. And I cooked my first butt on my Memphis yesterday (oh my gosh, no "rookie" mistakes on this one - it was awesome!) but realized that I hadn't gotten any pics after the butt was already on the grill. I knew I was pushing my timeline when Jan got up in order to have the butt cooked before it got dark so we rushed around in our pj's and just got it on the grill. Then I realized the camera was still in the bag.. sorry folks, but it was really good!!

Just an FYI - I coated it with peanut oil and then rubbed it with Little Louies's with pepper and brown sugar. Then on the Memphis at 250 for about 9 hrs. I stuck a fork in it at IT 190 (to test how it was going), twisted, and then pulled out a chunk when I pulled it back so I knew it was done at that point (the chunk went straight to my mouth followed by a smack to the back of my head from Mrs. Kite who had her eyes on that bite). No FL.. fantastic bark and extremely juicy. I also trimmed the fat cap off before cooking so I could get more rub/smoke on the actual meat. This was easily the best butt I have ever cooked/eaten!

Just a BTW – I had to wrestle Mrs. Kite on this one – she wanted to *gasp* “cook it in the oven”! We were both very happy that I won this match :)

Kristen – this is clearly not an official entry because I have no pics so please don’t send me a coupon. I just felt bad because I said I was going to enter and then forgot to get the pics. So I thought I would at least share what I did.
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Big Poppa

need some input here..Rick wondeful meal but I think you have to have more than one ingredient on the mak....when did you smoke the cheese?


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Chicken Cordon Bleu smoker style. The team

Took the chicken breast and flatten them out until they were about 1/4" thick and layered ham, pepper cheese and rolled up

Then we wrapped them in bacon

On the smoker at 250

They were lonely so added some twice baked potatoes.

Almost done


My plate


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Flank steak. Went like this.


In the fridge to rest a bit. but I am hungry now so time for a little snack.

smoked some cheese a couple weeks back. 1/19 to be exact. smoked a butt a few weeks back and had some left overs. Nachos.
1st layer

that looks better

little cheddar, Havarti, and pepper jack

Ok time to get back to the flank steak.

A little apple





started to snow shortly after.. Does this count?


Mustard's Grill: Hanger Steak with Onion Jam and Watercress Sauce


Mustard's Grill at the Southern end of the Napa valley is one of our favorite restaurants. In the past I've highlighted their famous Mongolian Pork Chop with Chinese Style Mustard Sauce in the weekly contest. It's one of the best pork chops I've had if not the best. Last Monday night for my birthday we went to Napa valley to wine taste and stopped at Mustard's Grill for dinner. I had another long time item on their menu, their Hanger Steak with Onion Jam and Watercress Sauce.
It was excellent and I wanted to recreate it at home so I found the recipe in their cookbook (picture above) and put it together.

On top of the steak goes a sweet, rich, caramelized onion jam made with EVOO, onions, sugar, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar and red wine. Just slowly simmer it until it turns into a sweet onion jam.

The watercress sauce is to dip the steak into. It's not anything I would have thought would go with steak but I found it works perfectly with steak. It's creamy, cool and herby and has a bit of a tang to it. The ingredients are mayo, sour cream, shallots, fresh garlic, fresh watercress, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt & pepper.

The marinade for the steak is one that totally compliments the flavor of the meat. It has fresh garlic, fresh ginger, soy sauce, toasted yellow mustard seeds, course grain mustard, Dijon mustard, EVOO, sherry vinegar, salt & pepper.
Here is the steak and marinade in the vacuum tumbler. Once finished marinating I hit them with DSSR then onto the drum.

Spark up the BPS drum with some cherry pellets for flavor

On for a quick sear. I couldn't find hanger steaks but my butcher says it's similar to skirt steak so I got a few skirts and a NY.

The last to come off the grill

Done and resting

Plated. The steak gets topped with onion jam with a sprinkling of blue cheese, some of the watercress sauce on the side and some roasted yukon gold potatoes, onions, bell peppers and pasilla peppers.


The asian styled marinated steak paired with the sweet, rich onion jam and the cool, creamy, herbiness of the watercress sauce with small bits of blue cheese was an absolute flavorfest in my mouth! So good!

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what do we do? Im asking the troops here....3 entries?

BP, this actually poses two questions, 1) Do we have a valid contest this week? and 2) What do we do going forward?

1) I won't comment as I am a participant this week

2) Hold the contest every other week until the snow melts in most of the rest of the country


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I think we should judge it with no prize money or continue it thru next weekend. I agree with scooter with winter in all there is a lot of players that can't smoke due to the weather. Either way I will post my cooks every weekend because that's what I enjoy.


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I have to agree with the previous comments. It's hard to cook in the winter here in the PNW without an outside covered area. Not the cold, but the never ending rain(unless you live on the sunny side of Lake Stevens where Kite lives:confused:) is tough to deal with. 1"-2"of rain/24hrs. is not a light mist, and it happens often. Bi-weekly would work better for the winter months. I'm sure it'll pick back up in the spring and summer.


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I just got a shipment from Big Poppa and I will start participating more when the weather warms up more here in Maine.
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