6 pound butt


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Hey Guys,
I have a six pound butt that i am going do pulled pork with. Since i am pretty new to this smokng thing i am not sure how long it will take. I was thinking of putting it on at 9 am. We are looking to eat around the dinner hour. Is this good amount of time. I see guys putting butts on over night but they seem like bigger pieces of meat than the 6 pounds that i have.
Thoughts ?


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That should work.

I run them on smoke for an hour or two, then 250F.

I'd check it around 2pm, bump the temp if it is under 180F.

I pull them at 195-200F

I don't foil butts since we don't like the way the bark turns out, but it does speed the cook up some.


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What is the dinner time in Canada/Florida? Looks like your cutting it close to me. Are you doing this in an oven? Grilll? Smoker? Need more info.


If dinner time is 5 - 6 P.M., then a six pound butt in 8 - 9 hours on your Traeger Jr. should be very doable even without foiling, like FlBentrider suggests.


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Start at 260F and foil when the butt reaches a IT of 160F

I figure 8 hours and 2 for FTC


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The Butt turned out great. I put it on at z8:30 am. Smoked it at 225 for about 4 hours then bumped it up to 250 the rest of the way. Took a little longer than planned. Pulled it off the grill around 8 with an IT of 190-200. Used a mop sauce along the way, never foiled it. Pork was great, moist with a nice bark. My wife loved it. I forgot to take pictures, as i was more concered with the meat. Next time.
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