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I haven't posted in quite a while for many reasons (smoker issues, business travel, holidays, etc). After flypig's post, I realized (again) that the only way this site is fun and educational is if everyone posts what they cook and learn. So I decided I needed to post what I have been doing the past month. In that vein, here is what I have been doing the past month. Nothing special or fantastic, just sharing:

Chicken wings. Smoked for 1 hour, then 350°F until done. All seasoned with Plowboy's Yardbird rub with Slap yo Daddy Championship Chicken rub. Half sauced with Frank's Buffalo Wing sauce:



Then, pepperoni/mushroom pizza:



Then Dino Ribs. Double Secret and Montreal Steak Seasoning as the rub:


Who says the 2 Star doesn't put out some smoke?


Almost done:


Some Chicken Thighs with Slap yo Daddy Championship Chicken Run:


Then some St Louis Spares and ABT's:





Thanks for looking!
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Big Poppa

really awesome and hard to look at on my diet! Keep em coming and Im glad you picked up on the Flypig deal...we all make this what it is and can be....


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I agree with Big Poppa! This time of year is tough to eat right. Looks fantastic!

Had a chance to try big beef ribs last year for first time ever. Wow is all I can say. Hard to find around where I live, but worth the hunt, and those look fantastic!
Thanks for the comments. The only reason i can cook this stuff and it comes out good is because someone else posted their cooks here first, with temps and times, and then I played with it until I ended up with what I preferred.
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