Almost birthday dinner.....


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Kevin is 21 tomorrow :)

I asked him what he wanted - steak

so steak it is but first my parents showed up with blueberries & raspberries from their backyard so I decided we needed pie

then started some potatoes - cut some local new potatoes about 3/4 of the way through , rolled in some butter

when almost done added some grated cheese and chives

started the steak..... while the potatoes were cooking the griddle was getting nice and hot.... added a little olive oil and butter ... threw in some filet mignon (about 1/2 well coated wtih pepper)

pulled the steak at 125, tented with foil and started the sauce
a little more butter, some shallots, cooked them down, added some cognac until it cooked down, some beef broth and then after a bit some heavy cream
this is before it was fully cooked down

dinner - the steak with sauce, green beans & the potatoes


and dessert


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yummy. kev man says i can come for dinner. steak and potatoes for me too? wow, i need to move closer. steak, potatoes and homemade berry pie. just a perfect meal in my opinion. pure yumminess. ;)
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