Ancho-Coffee Wagyu Tritip - First Cook


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Ancho-Coffee Wagyu Tritip paired with Dogfish Head Worldwide Oaked Vanilla Stout, Four Roses Single Barrel, & Willet Rye. Sides of maple bourbon flagiolet beans (didn't have piquito on hand, although we usually do), and mixed greens.

First cook on my new Mak 2*. Not a real smoke since I unfortunately don't have time for one yet, but this was fantastic. Cooked @ 225 to ~110-115, pull, then 'Grill' 3-4m per side until done. The core was in the 130-132 range when I pulled it, and it came out a lot less pink than I expected. This was a hair overcooked for me despite the fact I prefer tritip on the northern end of medium-rare--still killed it and gave me meatgasms. This was a very small tritip @ 1.8lbs so it cooked VERY quickly, I was shocked how fast it cooked. Took a hair over an hour for the slow cook phase so it didn't take on as much smoke as I would have liked. I used a modified Meathead beef rub--doubled chili powder using 2/3 ancho 1/3 mulato, cut garlic/onion/mustard to 1 tsp, no cayenne/chipotle, added 1 tsp oregano, .5 tsp cumin, and 1 tbsp coffee. This was too sweet for me. I fully appreciate the science behind using sugar to improve bark, but between natural sugar in the chiles and my personal tastes, I think Meathead's recipe overdoes it. Next time I would cut the sugar in half, double the oregano, double the cumin (I actually ran out), and add a spicy chile back.

The MAK performed like a champ. It was running hot @ 250 for the first 15 min before it settled. Not sure if this is typical or because the Pellet Boss hadn't trained itself yet. Used CookinPellets Perfect Mix. I'm not completely sure how hot 'Grill' got. As soon as it beeped my IR gun read 490 or 'error' on the FlameZone, but it only goes up to 500. The Mak probe read 525 a few minutes later in the cook. I didn't give the grill a chance to reach max heat since company arrived, but I would guess the FZ surface hit ~550-600. Ambient was ~65F. As you can see from the pics I got fairly even carmelization with minimal carbonization. This bodes well for grilling w/o using MAK or Grill grates, although either would still have many uses.

Pics! (Yea... I started crushing my plate before I remember to take a clean pic on that last one!) Thanks to NorCal Smoker for reminding me tritip is an excellent, easy dish to start with.





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Wow! I wish my first cook looked that good. Tri tip looks like it is perfect. I forgot what a clean MAK 2 Star looks like, but I got lazy cleaning it after a couple of years :cool:

One question...what are the greens and how were they cooked? I love greens, and am always looking for new ways to make them.


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I think it was a mix of mustard greens, kale, and dandelion greens. Just sauteed or stir fried with oil and shallot until whatever consistency you like. Typically we might use some bacon in them, but there was already bacon in the beans, plus fatty meat I think a cleaner side was needed.

Tonight I had kale on hand and fried some garlic slices, dumped in some asian chile flake, and stir fried.

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was that prime? looks like it as the fat is still kind of unrendered...My hint to you would be to rotate more when looks like it was on one side for a little longer and you actually can cook it to a higher internal temp before you start the sear.....You really just need to put a char on the outside....I would cook initially with tri tip at 250-275 and at 120-125 pull for the sear It will be more even
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