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Congrats Chili and Rip...As usual there where a ton of great cooks this week!!

Please tell me how to post the large pictures, attaching the pictures is not working for me?

Duke, I download my pics to Photobucket, choose the photo you want by holding the curser over it and click on the img code then paste it into the forum... I had the same problem when I first started... Pretty easy once you catch on...

Chili Head

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Wow thanks TentHunter! I didn't think I had a chance of winning this week. There was some really good looking dishes! Nice job everyone!

Congrats to bflodan and Rip!

That chicken looked great Dan! I wanted a plate of that!
Rip those wings looked like perfection to me bud! I love wings!

Thanks TentHunter for judging!
Thanks again BP for your generosity! It's much appreciated!

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Congrats to Chili and Dan! Thanks Tent and BP! This contest continues to be a great source of cooking inspiration!
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