Bacon anyone?


Only fair that I state up front that this was not 100% completely done on a pellet smoker but a pellet smoker was definitely involved.
Start by curing 16.5 lbs of pork belly. After 7 days rinse, pat dry and hang in the frig overnight to form a nice pellicle for the smoke to stick to.

Next day apply lots of smoke at 200 and cook until an IT of 150. Once the IT is reached, hang in the kitchen until it is cooled and then wrap in plastic wrap for a day to allow the smoke to level out and the bacon to firm up.

Today, break out the slicer and slice it up. That is a LOAD of bacon.

How much bacon you ask? 20 packages just like this one with 12 slices in each one on presentation boards.

Couple that with 3 more bags with slices that are "not so pretty" and you have 276 slices of hickory smoked bacon.

Thanks for looking folks.


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Nice KyNola!!

The bacon looks great on those boards, I never think about using them for bacon.
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