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hello all,

my name is Russ, I've got an old Traeger BBQ024 that I picked up this past summer (I had a Traeger JR (BBQ055) for a few years, and my father in law has a Traeger Tex (BBQ075))
so, you can say I've got a little Traeger experience

in addition,
my church has a BBQ055 and a couple SAWTOOTH pellet grills
as well as several other members that I've run their grills for big cooks

my go-to cook is Tri-Tip, but my best dish is brisket (I just did 2 small briskets on Saturday for my wife's Pampered Chef party)
I took 3rd in a regional Rib competition a couple years back

I'm seriously considering upgrading my controller on my BBQ124 to a PID controller
either a SS (I really like the re-light function since I've had a couple "flame outs") or the Wi-Pellet controller from Rec-Tec.
I also want to do a custom re-finish to my old 124 (maybe this winter)



First, Welcome to the forum. Be sure to post some pics of your Traegers in action! We love to see pics around here. :D

If I had to choose between the Savanah Stoker and the Rec-Tec controller, I'd decide how important the WiFi aspect is, because the Savanah Stoker is overall a much better controller, based on feedback I've seen from folks I know who have both (Rec-Tec does NOT make their controller).

Everyone I know who has a Savanah Stoker controller loves them!


I second the SS I put some on two Louisiana pits a whole hog and super hog and they work better then the original by a bunch
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