Beef Chuck Mock Tender Surf and Turf Night


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Tried something a little different – Beef Chuck Mock Tender – they were on sale so thought what the heck!

Here was the flavors for the steak; a little olive oil and then seasoned with BP Double Secret and Money.

Onto the Yoder smoking with Oak for an hour @ 150°

While the steaks were smoking I started to prep the seafood.

People have been telling us how good Tatonka Dust is on shrimp so thought we better give it a whirl as well. Seasoned with Tatonka Dust and threw some minced garlic in the pan with some butter.

Bought a couple of new seasoning, one of them being a Seafood Splash. So sticking with the theme of trying new flavor profiles for everything. Cleaned the lobster tail and split in about halfway through so the butter and seasonings would have some where to rest. Melted the butter and mixed some Seafood Splash in it. Brushed the tails with the mixture and sprinkled a light coating of the rub as well.

Once the steaks were done smoking I removed them from the grill and turned up the heat to 550° - here you can see the flames below ready to hit the steaks.

Flippy Flip….

Once the steaks were pulled it was time for the seafood to get some love…

Plated pic – nothing too fancy. I forgot to get an overall shot with the sautéed onions and mushrooms.

Money shot

Final thoughts on the meal... I don't think I will buy that cut of meat again it wasn't all that great. But I am a Ribeye person so other cuts just don't seem to please me. I liked the Money and DS on the steaks but I should have seasoned a little more, the flavors could have come through better. We love the Money so not sure why I went so light. The Tatonka Dust on shrimp really surprised us, it was very good and will be doing more shrimp like that. The Seafood Splash was very good too. I wasn't sure I was going to like it trying it right from the shaker but it turned out very good after it was cooked.


If you like ribeyes, I can see where you might not be crazy about the Mock Tenders. If you like the flavor of chuck, then you'd love 'em.

Either way they sure look good sitting next to the lobster tails & shrimp!


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Looks fantastic! I was wondering how those steaks were. I have seen them locally but never tried them. With a little shrimp and lobster can't be bad! You rocked it girl!
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