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cajan brisket

it was hot (spicy, i am still taking tums today).


used some cajan spice and some of the kids beer for some moisture.


next morning

put in foil container at 180º with some bbq habanero red sauce.

a little breakfast brisket to go with the espresso.


well, it was way spicy for me. i couldn't eat it. i had a small plate and paid dearly for it. i guess i can't do real, real spicy anymore. i gave it to my neighbor and he said it was the best brisket that he had every had. to spicy for me.
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Pit Turkeys

I love the smell of Hickory on a Sunday morning...


Did some turkey boulders* to restock the lunch meat supplies, and friends of ours is buying one as well.


Sometimes the foil comes right off, and sometimes it puts up a fight. I lost the fight, so I just let them ride 'as is' at 225-ish° until it breaks it's icy grip. Maybe an hour or so.

CT and Jan's Rub, standing by.


[hour or so later]

Foil off, CT + Jan's is on..


Should be done in about 5 hours. They are still 80% frozen.

[many hours later]

Done and Done. (took around 5.5 hours) I pulled them around 155° IT as they will continue to cook a bit while they rest.



I let them rest in FTC for a few hours, and then pulled them out, lopped in half, and tossed in the fridge overnight.

Vac-sealed one for our friends. They are too big to fit in a gallon bag..


We've gotten 2 dinners out of ours, and the rest (~6 pounds) will go on the slicer tomorrow night.

* These are a food service product from Perdue. 3 turkey breasts pumped and fused together into a 10 pound lump-o-turkey. I credit KyNola with coining the term 'boulder'. Jennie-O has something just like it, as I have one in the freezer that I picked up at Restaurant Depot.


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Farewell Dinner for Lil Tex

Better late than never...

As you may have seen earlier in this thread I've had dear friends in town this last weekend. My wife and I visited them in Chicago last January and I raved about my new PelletSmoking hobby.

So, with them in town I had to treat them to some tried and trues, Friday we had SOW Chicken with Desert Gold and twice baked buddy was ready to get his own pellet smoker. Saturday we had ribs three ways with cornbread and cobbler...his wife was ready to buy my smoker. Here's my buddy checking out Lil Tex.


With the deal done, I decided Sunday we had to do something special for my last cook on Lil Tex...Filet mignon, hollandaise sauce, homemade bread, shrimp, and asparagus!

Five, 8 oz filets were seasoned with Big Poppa's Double Secret Rub and a dusting of cayenne. Onto Lil Tex at 250, (pulled at 135.) When the filets hit IT 100, asparagus was added to the grill, after the steaks were pulled they were replaced with shrimp (temp bumped to 400)....(about that time I remembered pics!, so sorry no pics of the steaks being cooked. The shrimp was marinated in olive oil, garlic, and pepper...(ran out of SOW marinade).


Next the filets were butterflied and placed on a thick slice of Honey Wheat Bread.

Then they were drizzled with hollandaise sauce.

My wife prefers to cut up her steak and asparagus to put on top of the bread.

My friends made homemade cherry cheesecake!

It was a good as it looks!

Farewell Lil Tex! You served me well. Enjoy the Windy City!


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Shepherds Pie with a Balsamic Giant Artichoke Part 1

Been a crazy weekend, not much time for smoking but for some reason today had a craving for Shepherds Pie!!

Only had Turkey in the house but healthy is good I guess..

I did the meat portion a head of time this afternoon while my son was napping... Browned the turkey on my Mak Griddle and added Shredded Carrot, Onion and Garlic..


Followed that up with some Tomato Paste, Worcestershire, Thyme and Rosemary then added some Red Wine and Chicken Broth and let it reduce a bit.



Look at the Size of this Artichoke!!!!!!


Made the Potatos and added Heavy Cream Butter And Parm... Topped the meat and threw it in the MAK at 400 along with some chicken for my son and the Artichoke..


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Since Rip is cracking the whip, here we go:

Another great week of cooks, you guys are really outdoing yourselves week in and week out!

The rundown in order of entry by cook:

Smoker Pete - Cherry smoked cornish hens, Pete you are definitely hitting your stride with that new MAK! The hens came out beautifully, loved that crab stuffed portabello too. All in all a great cook, keep em coming.

Sparky - Looks like the cajun seasoning won out this weekend brother! Your ribs were killer as usual, even if they were a little spicy they looked delicious. Loved that brisket too, it may have been hot but your cooking was right on. Your neighbor might be ordering you more cajun seasoning as we speak..........

Squirt - Breakfast was the theme this week and none of it in the morning! Loved the MAK Cakes and Hash browns. Great looking meal there, so great my wife asked when she saw them, "when are you doing those for us?" Love the MAK griddle, and I can tell you are starting to as well. As for your boulders, they look great like always. Gotta track one down and give it a whirl, I can only imagine what a sandwich with that would taste like.

Star1021Scott - Are you sure that was your second smoke on the MAK? Great bark on the brisket and pork, if that doesn't impress the boss nothing will! Good looking plate too, just a good all around BBQ meal. Can't wait to see the third cook!

nepas - MAK Sketti, what can I say. I've seen you do that dish a few times and each time it looks the same.......awesome. Definitely a cool recipe that I want to try.

malawoo - Great looking pork there, love the Plowboys Bovine and SOW Pork injection as a combo. Hard to beat a nice pulled pork sammie and some coleslaw. Loved the dessert too, perfect way to cap off a great meal. Keep up the great cooks.

Rip - nice little slide in the through the doggie door brother! What can I say, an open face sandwich with filet mignon and hollandaise? Man that looks good and then the shrimp and asparagus on the side? Wow. I love how your wife likes it, that looked great too. And then that cheesecake to boot, your guests must have been thinking twice about leaving (guess that's why you tossed the Lil Tex in with their luggage!)

bflodan - Wonderful Shepherds Pie on the MAK, That griddle is awesome isn't it? My Dad loved shepherds pie so it was a staple in our house growing up. Yours looks great and I love the artichoke on the side. Looks like you have great help when out working on the MAK!

And your winners are-

1st - Rip
2nd - Squirt
3rd - bflodan

Again folks another great week, thanks!
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Thanks Carter! Congrats to Squirt and bflodan! Another great week; breakfast, shepards pie, MAKsketti, cornish hens, brisket, pulled pork, cajun ribs, turkey boulders, stuffed! We do know how to eat well. Every week I learn so much from what everyone does in this contest. Thanks BP for giving us such a great sandbox!


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thanks carter and congrats to the winners this week. next weekend i should be cooking w/ the big boys. ya ho....


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Congrats to all of the winners and to all the cooks. Thanks Carter for the great judging and to BP for the prizes. Lots of great food.
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