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Big Poppa

OK we are seeing some great creations...lets get more~ Come on you us your chickens!

First $25.00 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second $15.00 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
third $10.00 Store Credit to Big Poppa SMokers

everybody else that enters gets $5 store credit

Bring it on!


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Well sometimes you have to keep it simple. Ground up a chuck roast for burgers.


Look at that fat!!

The players.. Lettuce,tomato,pickle,onion and swiss cheese for the wife and gouda for me.


Omto the Mak set at high. Rare for me and medium for the wife.


Money shot...Rare burger with a few frys and onion rings.


Keep it simple stupid...Wise words indeed!


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Pizza & Scallops

Lunch: Pita Pizza with pesto, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, spinach, kalamata olives, goat cheese, and Italian cheese blend





Supper Scallops & Risotto



and some wine to go with it..


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Hey Big Poppa... I ain't no chicken, here is my chicken!

Last evenings supper was chicken breast cordon bleu, a twice baked potato with cheddar cheese/bacon on top with a tab of butter and then asparagus spears all smoked over hickory and maple.

Preheated the Yoder and put the potatoes on while I got the chicken ready. Started with putting a couple of chicken breasts in Mad Hunky poultry brine and letting them rest in the fridge for a few hours. Then removed from brine about 5 hours later and pounded semi flat. Layered some swiss cheese and ham and then another slice of swiss cheese. Then rolled them up and could see a toothpick wasn’t going to hold it. Got some chicken ties that we use with the small roaster chickens and secured them shut the best I could. Sprinkled them with a little seasoning and onto the Yoder they go…

Started them out at 180º for about an hour to take on some smoke along with the potato. After an hour I turned the heat up to 230º and continue to cook the chicken until it reached an internal meat temp of 168º. Once there I removed the chicken into a pan and covered with foil while I got the asparagus on the grill. Sorry, I gapped getting a pic of the asparagus on the grill, hunger pains got the best of me!

Thanks for looking!

Chili Head

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French Onion soup in a MAK smoked bread bowl

Today I did a french onion soup in a bread bowl baked in the MAK.

I made some bread bowls from an italian bread recipe that we like. I used soup crocs for molds and baked them in the MAK at 400º for 30 minutes.


After 30 minutes they were done.


Time to make the soup. I started off by smoking the onions for an hour using oak.


Once the onions were done getting some smoke I chopped them up and added them to a couple table spoons of EVOO and 1/2 cup of butter and sauteed them.


Once cooked down some I added a little red wine, salt and pepper and 1 teaspoon of dried thyme.


Next I added 5 cups of beef broth and let it simmer for 30 minutes.


While the soup simmered I made some croutons for the soup.



OK lets make some bowls! I cut out the center and mashed down the bread inside the bowl to help hold in the soup. I cut a cap to size from the crouton I made.




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Fill the bowl with soup, top it with a crouton and some smoked provolone cheese. I put the filled soup bowl back into the MAK to melt the cheese.



I figured melting the cheese in the MAK would take too long and the soup would soften the bread too much to get it off the MAK safely so I ended up putting it under the broiler to melt the cheese.




This was the perfect lunch! And my first time making french onion soup. I cant believe it was so simple! The soup was savory,cheesey and really good! And in the bread bowl it was very filling!


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Decided to see what the MAK could do with some pizza today. Put my good stone on the bottom and covered the top shelf with some unglazed quarry tiles (to try to keep heat down towards the bottom). I have some ideas for modifications for the future - the goal is to get the top to cook at the same rate as the bottom,

Here's the setup:

About a month ago I smoked some fresh mozzarella & some regular mozzarella - some of this was used in the pizzas below. Awesome stuff.

Pizza #1 Simple Margherita with some crushed red pepper (pureed tomato, smoked fresh mozz, basil, crushed red pepper)



Pizza #2 Smoked Fresh Mozz, Fennel Sausage, Dried Cranberries reconstituted in cranberry liqueur. Basil & a Honey/Cranberry liqueur drizzle post bake. (I stole this flavor combo from TXCraig on the forum) This was a killer combo & my favorite of the night



Pizza #3 Pepperoni/Sausage w smoked mozzarella

Pizza #4 Pepperoni w smoked mozzarella

Pizza #5 Fresh Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, Dried Cherries. Proscuitto & Honey Drizzle post bake (this flavor stolen from Paulie Gees in Brooklyn) My second favorite


to be continued


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Pizza #6 Dessert -- Apple pizza - sauteed some apples in a little cider when soft added some applesauce I had made earlier in the week (apples, brownsugar, reduced cider, cinnamon). topped with streusel topping. drizzled with confect sugar topping after bake




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Superbowl wings

Unorthadox Sunday for me, up at 0430 to leave by 0500 to drive an hour south, participating in a charity bike ride

We made a pot of chili, and some wings to go with it for the game

Wings on the MAK @375F

About an hour later





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Ribs, Tips and Wangs..

I'm trying a new lens out, forgive any blurry shots as it is manual focus, and I"m not..

Big meaty loin back, rubbed with CT and Head Country. On the MAK at 255°.


Also grabbed 2 tri-tips out of the freezer. The players.


The Zach's tt.


(the other one was a blur, sorry)

In the Traeger at 250°.


Couple hours into the rib cook.




TTs are done. (well, the Thermapen was reading 140°)



Toss on some jumbo wings, soaked in Smoke On Wheels BBQ Marinade.


Meanwhile, back on the MAK..




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Super bowl bound…. Hot wings in hand!!

Did 2 different flavors of wings on the Yoder this morning so that we could bring them to a Super Bowl party this afternoon. Seasoned one batch with Plowboys and basted with Lizard Lick sauce. Second batch was cinnamon chipotle rub and basted in raspberry chipotle sauce.

Here they are on the grill getting smoke for an hour or so before I added sauce to them!

Here they are after getting sauced and about ready to pull off the grill.

Wings were a huge success tonight a ton of compliments!!

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Ribs 8 ways

A buddy of mine from the forum sent me a goodie box with several rubs in it. I decided to cut up four racks of Baby Backs and make ribs 8 ways. To emphasize the flavors, all will be dry rubbed for the taste test.

I spent last week in Florida, had some real nice weather...missed a rare 70 degree Feb day back home while we were home about 11pm Friday, the snow started around midnight.
The ruler is in to the 9 1/2 inch mark.

Back to the cook, here's the players. Four are rubs I had, four are new to me.

Gradassi's EVOO with chili was used for glue on all ribs. The ribs were put on at 225 for about 30 minutes, then bumped to 275 for 90 minutes. They were flipped and also rotated. Here they're about ready to be foiled.

This 1/2 rack is BPS Desert Gold.

This one is Roasterie Coffee.

The snow started up again and continued throughout the cook. I got covered in snow each time I was tending the MAK. The foiled ribs were cooked another hour at 275.

After foiling, each rack was given another coat of rub and finished unfoiled until done. I normally sauce my ribs, but these look pretty tasty!

Here's the lineup. From left, Desert Gold, Bone Sucking Sauce, Jamaican Firewalk, Coffee, Swamp Venom, 3EYZ, Yardbird, and Bovine Bold.

I'm not a rub expert, just giving my opinion. (This was mostly an excuse to try some different rubs and get to eat 8 ribs instead of 5). I'm not going to rank them, just give opinions. I will also post this in the Gallery so folks can add their experiences.

The results:
Listed in the order tested.

BPS Desert Gold. Most of you know this rub. I use it extensively on chicken and veggies, especially on potatoes. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked on ribs.

Bone Sucking Sauce. I like the flavors here, just too sweet for me. (Go figure, from someone who uses brown sugar a lot on pork)

Dizzy Pig - Jamaican Firewalk. I like the medley of flavors at work here. Also has a hint of heat. I found it a little too sweet. I think this would be great on chicken kabobs.

Roasterie Coffee. Sampling this rub it shows a strong coffee flavor which is much more subtle after cooking. If doing again I would really layer it on. I can't wait to try it on brisket or tri tips with balsamic coffee for glue!

Dizzy Pig - Swamp Venom. I liked the flavors at work here....just not on pork. I'll be trying it on fish and veggies. I think it would be good in stir fry as well.

3EYZ - Another well known rub. I've used it before on ribs and like it a lot. I usually add some cayenne for extra heat. It was interesting to try it without sauce.

Plowboys Yardbird. Another favorite of mine. It's my go to rub for ribs.

Plowboys Bovine Bold. Another workhorse from my spice drawer. Like Desert Gold, it held up well for ribs...but I prefer it on chicken, beef, and veggies.

This was fun, the kids weren't crazy about not getting my tried and true ribs and they weren't any help on the taste test either. :eek:

Thanks for the rubs buddy!


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Asian mini meatloafs

We had a fantastic sunny warm weekend here in the NW. My wife and I worked on our property both days and went for our usual 4 mile run. Yesterday she asked if I would cook some mini meatloafs if she made them and of course I said yes.

Here are the goods all mixed up in our Kitchen Aid. These are low calorie made with ground turkey.
View attachment 1181

Onto the 1 Star at 350 degrees.
View attachment 1180

I added some fat by grating some of my smoked pepperjack on top and drizzeling some Yoshidas on the brown rice.
View attachment 1179

I froze six of them and then vac sealed them for my wife to eat in the future. These are really low fat and taste good. If anyone is interested I will post the ingredients.


German Fattie

I'm always looking for new fattie ideas. I hadn't made one in a while and I have a new Bratwurst recipe to try, so a German Fattie seemed to be the ticket.

Two pounds of ground pork, the spice mix & some water ready to be mixed.

Mixing the Bratwurst

Assemble the fattie with some cheese & grilled onion, then roll up in a bacon weave.

A little course black pepper then onto the MAK for a Smokin' good time!

Mmm-mmm, it sure smells good!


Served with some Kraut & Mustard Potato Salad.

This recipe is a keeper!


Big Poppa

OK just pointing out something...I am not picking on you Spark...but you are all flipping your ribs mid cook...You guys are the only cooks I know that want the meat side to get that kind of heat. just sayin. IN comp the only time it goes meat down is in foil You want the bane side to serve as insulation.
Wow, Great cooks by everyone and you sure don't make it easy to judge, but here goes:

3rd place Deb (5 great looking pizza's plus a dessert pizza!)
2nd place Chili Head (French Onion soup with MAK made bread bowls and smoked onions)
1st place MossyMo (Chicken Cordon Bleu, twice baked potatoes, and asparagus)

Great cooks everyone and thanks for sharing.
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