Big Grand Poppa is paying double for 25 cooks in this weeks contest


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Tropical Storm Isaac pork butts

Tropical Storm Isaac pork butts

4 pork butts

"salt lick" clone - salt, pepper, garlic, cayenne

On the MAK 2 star 9pm last night. Program the pellet boss for 4 hours on SMOKE then 225F

Early this afternoon add some chicken breasts

Chicken is done

Buffalo chicken dip

My sons preferred method - stuffed inside a chibata roll

The first butt is done, put into FTC.

a few hours later, ready to pull

pulled and plated with Syracuse salt potatoes

Note that is has been raining horizontally all day, and we had a 30 minute power outage. The UPS I have on the MAK kept it burning the whole ti


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Seems to be the weekend for wife's to be gone... Mine went to TX to see some family. So I thought I would spend some of the time cooking my first ribs on the MAK...

Thanks to TentHunter for the how to
View attachment 1601

A little money and little Louie plus a bit of raw sugar with glue
View attachment 1602

On the Mak
View attachment 1603

A little foil love with a new twist a little brown sugar, butter, and lyle's golden syrup and not honey
View attachment 1604

Cooling a bit before cooling
View attachment 1605

More to come...


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Had some company and scrambled to cook something good.. well here's what I found.
2 1/2 pound brisket point.. sure lets give it a try.. rubbed with this...

Smokey Smokey for 2 hours then join the party at 275 with the rest of the gang..

I love a full grille!!!


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Today I cooked some cod. Inspired by Scallywag's cook last week I made rice stuffed bell peppers as side dish. I mixed rice with chopped tomatoes, onions and scallions, salt, pepper and grated cheese. The cod was seasoned with salt and vanilla pepper. The leftover rice was heated on the Louisiana as well.








Glad you liked my idea!


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Back again tacos.

Has it really been over a month since I entered one of these things? Time flies when you are crazy busy. I did not come up with anything new this week but I dusted off an old favorite. First step was to peel and marinate my shrimp in some margarita mix and garlic.

Then get my stuff ready for my pineapple salsa.

Got the veggies and my pineapple onto the Traeger.

Then while that was working i got my shrimp skewered and seasoned with some salt, pepper, garlic and cumin.

Looks like i forgot to get a pic of the shrimp on the grill bit they looked good when they came off.

plated me up a taco with some guac I made earlier and my salsa

They were awfully good tacos. I still wanted dessert so I grabbed the last of my grilled pineapple and some fresh mint a bottle of amaretto and a few Hershey's kisses.

I warmed it up a bit and poured it over some ice cream.

Made for a good dinner. Thanks for looking guys.


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Second try on making beef short ribs.. this time on the drum with prefect mix pellets
Marinated them for a few hours with red pepper oil and brisket rub with chipolte flakes.
Fired up the drum with perfect mix and man was it putting out some nice smoke.

Charcoal and pellets:

Sitting at 250 rock steady and put the ribs around the outer ring on the grate. Theft it closed for 4.5 hours (killed me not to peak) but this is what they looked like:

Closed it all up and left it for another hour or so.

Added them on a bed of carrots and onions with beef broth and a little more rub:

Already had people taking them before I got a picture:

My simple plate that included Asaigo cheese calls that were cooked in the MAK.

They were good!


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old school cali style

i have a few smokers. so i always ask the fam what smoker they want me to use when i cook for them. my wife and daughter told me were having tri tip tonight. they told me they wanted it cooked "old school" method. that only means one thing in our house.


i used my hands and spread the fibers of the meat and poured lime juice on both sides. let it sit for 1/2 hours. then some annies drizzled and a heavy dusting of money. i'm liking the money.


everyone in the pool! using oak in my pellet packet.


getting a good crisp on. love the smoke of oak pellets.


divide and mellow. its chill time.


checking w/ the fastest color thermapen in the world. fluorescent green.


look at the color. the money rub always gives a great color.


what a nice tri tip.


now that a nice plate of meat.


din din time. simple salad, moo juice and california prime.


sweet and simple meal.


Classic Monte Cristo Sammies

After cooking for 130+ hungry marching band kids & staff the other day, I was ready for something easy, but still wanted something good.

How about some classic Monte Cristo Sammies? Yep, that sounds good to me!

Start with some sliced Black Forest Ham, turkey, Swiss & some Provolone (the Mrs. & Daughter don't like Swiss)

Place the meat on a tray to catch some smoke for a little while first...

French Toast - Dip slices of French Bread into some eggs beaten with a little milk & nutmeg...

...then onto the MAK griddle.



Time to Flip. Looking & smelling good...

Served with some real Maple Syrup & Strawberry Jam on the side

Wow did these ever hit the spot!

Thanks for looking. :)
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showing some love.

ya ever have more than one girlfriend. its alot like that. i've been cooking on Ursula alot lately. i know Lucile has been lonely. so today for the 49ers game (they won) i decided to show Lucile some love.


and it went like this.


using bent 250°.


we got good color already and were just getting started.


using some pineapple pepper jelly. love this stuff. nice color.


see me smiling. i am. i still got it.



bone time.


these were so good. alot of flavor.

ya done good Lucile. i love ya.



Pork ribs one way

Did some pork ribs for a Celebration of Life . For a friend I knew through local football . Joel loved Football, and was a great cook. So his friends gather together and shared good food and told our favorite stories about Joel.
The ribs where prepared with Money and Rib tickler. cooked on the MAK using the 321 method.


Cut up and borrow a tip I leraned from the Big Poppa Team in Vegas where Jodi tossed the ribs like hot wings to get a coat of BBQ sauce on them.


Big Poppa

nice post the beef ones too! Great cooks again...Im not supposed to influence the judging but I want a Monte Cristo NOW!!!!!


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nice post the beef ones too! Great cooks again...Im not supposed to influence the judging but I want a Monte Cristo NOW!!!!!

watch the watch spinning back and forth. you can only hear my voice. your feeling sleepy. you really want tri tip, you really want tri tip. sublimable msging. :)


Beef Ribs off the Drum

Here are some Beef Ribs I also did on the Drum for the same event. Cooked these at the 421 method.


I have found beef ribs need more time . If they don't have pull back showing the bone they are not done. The 4 hours of low temp smoke time helps the beef ribs. What I have been doing is getting the drum up to temp then putting the pellet pack on (Used just some oak pellets I took out of the MAK) on the edge of the hot coals and it seems to smoke a little longer and not so intense. I found if you label the ribs "Beef" "Pork" it helps when folks see the big beef ribs and wonder why they look different then the pork ribs.


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Ok I just want to say this was very hard to judge this week!!! As with any weeks but it is a lot easier when you are not in the hot seat! :D And apparently I had seafood on the brain!

3rd place - RickB with the Paella with Ciabatta Garlic and Spinach Crostini & Blueberry Goat cheese and Basil Pie. Holy cow!!! You might have one just with the dessert. I don't even like blueberry pie but I wanted to dig into that one. Not to mention the Paella - I have never had it but with all those different seafoods, and sausage I was hooked!

2nd place - soupyjones with the margarita shrimp tacos and that pineapple amaretto and hershey kiss dessert. The shrimp was grilled to perfection and the pineapple salsa for the taco looked so amazing and fresh. I have been craving a shrimp taco ever sense I seen it. When I seen the amaretto with the hersheys kisses I thought....ok that is strange but when I seen it all come together it looked incredible and I wanted to make that too. LOL

1st place - muebe with the Hoisin Garlic Marinated Stuffed Salmon & Tilapia Fillets - WOW. That really knocked me off my chair. I have yet to cook salmon because I am not a huge fan but you have pushed me over the edge - I want to make it but make it like you did!! I knew when I seen it right away that it was going to take a killer dish to top that one! Nicely done!!

Special mention to Moomtaz - your presentation and attention to detail was amazing and I really loved it. Like I said, the judging was VERY hard! I wanted to pick WAY more than 3 winners.

Congrats everyone - there was some amazing cooks this weekend!


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Congrats winners, lots of great entries this week!! Tatonka, thanks for the honorable mention, much appreciated. I'll just have to keep at it, so much fun to compete!!
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