Big Poppa Smokers Camera Pics from Queen Creek Comp Thread 2

Big Poppa

TIme for dinner....The Strubes were off the charts


Here the bouys are responding to the Poppa Challenge these were between 28 and 30 oz....

I've jokingly said with Strube Ranch beef you dont need teef...but Brad didnt need a knife

5 Hole

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The Wagyu New Yorks were unbelievable! You know how sometimes you'll hear people say "that was the best....I've ever had" and you think come one, I'm sure you've had better... These were out of this world! The BPS secret beef rub is walk off home run. Order quickly once it comes in because it's not going to stay on the shelves very long! Great job on these Pops!
If you are ever fortunate enough to eat steak with Big Poppa, do it! By far the best steak I have ever eaten. Just like Brad in the pic above, I ate mine with my fingers too!

Big Poppa

Neil you are too kind...Im cooking Fajitas...(filet fajitas) at tuscon any other teams are always welcome to friday night dinner at Big Poppas Smokers! Open invite....Im in heaven cooking for fellow addicts. Takes some seeds to cook for neil however....but I got em!
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