Big Poppa Smokers Camera Pics from Queen Creek Comp

Big Poppa

Got in and its way out in the horse coutry of Arizona. Nice spot....all set up.
As I've said before I love cooking the dinner the night before. This time I brought a block of Strube Ranch Wagyu New York block.

Seasoned it with the first batch of Big Poppa's Double Secret Beef Rub. PUt it on the MAK and programmed it to cook it at high for 20 minutes and then ramp down to 265 and then 225 until 132 internal.

Im sittin back enjoying the whole deal and then out of nowhere windstorm hits 50 MPH!

This pic is our neighbor who wasnt quite as anchored as we were...We learned the hard way....our ez ups dented Rib Ticklers FE in Havasu..>We became friends after we fixed it quickly.....

This neighbor made it through the worst but the guys across the way were losing 4 tents..we helped them get it straightened it ou (they just brought us a box of doughnuts for our help...thats how cool these things are)
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