BIg Poppa Smokers Competition Schedule for 2011

Big Poppa

OK it seems like eons since we last cooked. Hating it!

Here is the preliminary schedule

feb 25-26 Lake Havasu, Az
mar 18-19 Wildomar, Ca
apr 1-2 Pala, Ca
may 27-28 Brentwood, Ca
jun 10-11 Costa Mesa, Ca
jul 1-2 Williams, Az
aug 4-5 Inaugural invitational Jimmy V foundation Wine and BBQ weekend Napa Valley
aug 12-13 Campo, Ca
sept 2-3 Mesquite, Nv
sept 23-24 Dana Point, Ca
oct 14-15 Lancaster, Ca
nov 11-12 Buckeye, Az
dec 2-3 Scottsdale, Az

We are also going to cook 6 times in 2011 for local charities. Also hoping that a good date works to invade Kansas City and join Andy and Kim for a weekend....

Big Poppa

Yeah It's going to be crazy...whole new trailer...some new recipes and Between Brad Jody and Joe 4 kids under the age of 2...Thanks in advance to the wives....They may not be in love with the schedule!


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Looks like it is going to be a fun year for you guys... The key to sanity will be process. Cutting out the clutter, and managing time.

You guys have a great set up - with BP as the "front of the house", and the other guys running the core ops...

We'll be rooting for you, that's for sure!!!


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Good luck this season Big Poppa. I love the fact that you cook for local charities as well. Looks like you guys will be busy!
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